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Accomplishments and Accolades

Arapahoe Basin is proud to be recognized as a leader in sustainable recreation. Below is a list of accolades bestowed upon the ski area for its efforts to walk lighter on the planet.

2017 – Colorado Association for Recycling: In June 2017, A-Basin received the award of “Outstanding Business Recycling Program” from the Colorado Association for Recycling. The award is given annually to the Colorado business best exemplifying both community leadership in and strong commitment to innovation in their waste reduction efforts.

2014 – NSAA Golden Eagle – Waste Reduction: A-Basin was recognized by the NSAA with its highest environmental award for the ski area's strong waste reduction efforts. Through recycling, composting and implementing reusable dishware and cutlery, A-Basin has been able to keep more than a third of its waste from the landfill.

2008 – NSAA Silver Eagle – Visual Impacts (Montezuma Bowl): A-Basin’s 400-acre Montezuma Bowl terrain expansion was constructed during the summer of 2007 with an emphasis on minimizing environmental impacts. Alternative construction methods were used to limit disturbance on the ground: no roads were built and only about 3 acres of trees were removed. The bottom terminal of the Zuma Lift also boasts a small solar array and a composting toilet.

2005 – NSAA Silver Eagle – Water Conservation (Snowmaking): In order to reduce the impact of snowmaking, Arapahoe Basin undertook a decade-long study on the stream from which we divert water. The ski area addressed concerns and developed alternatives to maintain consistent stream flows, protect fisheries, improve water quality, and minimize impacts in the Snake River Basin. As a result, healthy stream habitats promote a thriving fish population and high diversity of invertebrates and other creek dwellers.

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