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Employment FAQs

What to expect when you become part of the A-Basin family.

Where is A-Basin located and how do I get there?

A-Basin is located on the Continental Divide in Summit County, Colorado. We are grateful for our high-mountain location - not only is it beautiful, but we receive lots of snow! Our physical address is 28194 U.S. Highway 6 in Dillon, CO 80435.

You can find directions to A-Basin here. Located 5 miles from Keystone, A-Basin sits on Loveland Pass/U.S. Hwy 6, a winding, paved mountain road. Winter driving can be hazardous on Loveland Pass and across Summit County; we recommend that your transportation have mud-and-snow-rated or winter tires, AWD and/or 4WD. CDOT requires some vehicles to have these traction devices during particularly treacherous times of year. You can find updated road conditions and closures at

The Summit Stage (Swan Mountain Flyer route) provides free transportation to A-Basin from areas across Summit County. The specific Swan Mountain Flyer route to A-Basin only runs from mid-November through April or May; our ski season usually operates outside of this schedule. ​

How long is A-Basin's ski season?

A-Basin has the longest ski and ride season in Colorado, and often one of the longest in North America! We typically open in mid-October and close in early June. Our exact opening and closing dates are dependent on snowfall and conditions, so it helps to be flexible with your employment dates.

What is the weather like up there?

Perfect for snow! Temperatures can range from below 0F to 60F in the spring; temps and conditions can also vary wildly in one day, with sunshine one minute and snow the next. We recommend bringing layers - base layers, insulated layers, waterproof shells, sturdy socks and footwear - to ensure that you will be comfortable while you are working at the mountain.

Will I have to work weekends and holidays?

Yes. Weekends and holidays are our busiest times of year, so you should plan on working those days. However, this means you are able to enjoy skiing and riding during the less-busy times during the week - no lift lines!

What are A-Basin's appearance standards and what should I wear to work?

Our mountain values individuality - we want you to feel like you! Keep in mind that appearance is important to the impression we present to our guests and fellow employees. We expect all employees to present themselves in an appropriate way - show up clean with safety-appropriate footwear and attire. Depending on your department, you may be issued a company uniform which can include a ski jacket, ski pants, t-shirt, sweatshirt, vest, et. al.

Your HAIR should be clean and neatly kept; hair coloring is dependent on department; facial hair should be kept neatly trimmed.

Your JEWELRY, both body and facial piercings, are up to the discretion of your manager and should not interfere with staying safe on the job.

Your DRESS should present a professional and well-kept appearance. Undergarments must be covered; do not wear damaged, soiled or extremely worn-out clothing.

Your TATTOOS may be visible providing that they are in good taste and not offensive. Facial tattoos are not permitted.

How do I get to A-Basin without a car?

Denver International Airport (DEN) is the closest major airport located 80 miles east of A-Basin. Transportation to Summit County is available from multiple vendors which can take you to your door or to the Frisco Transfer Station where you can pick up the Summit Stage bus to get to your home in Summit County. While rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are available, they are NOT reliable and can be very expensive up in the mountains.

Here is a list of companies who provide shuttle to and from the airport:

I am moving to the mountains for the first time! What should I bring with me?

  1. Money - bring enough to cover travel, food and housing for a few weeks
  2. Snow pants and jacket
  3. Fleece
  4. Moisture-wicking base layers
  5. Hat/beanie
  6. Gloves or mittens
  7. Warm socks - wool or synthetic fabrics are best
  8. Waterproof shoes with good traction
  9. Sunscreen
  10. Sunglasses and/or goggles
  11. Water bottle
  12. Daypack - hold your extra layers, snacks and water during your shift

What kind of stores are in town to buy provisions or sporting goods?

There are plenty of stores in Summit County - Walmart, Target, multiple grocery stores, drug stores, and banks. There are also services near each town: medical facilities, community centers and libraries. You can find sporting goods at local shops Wilderness Sports, Mountain Outfitters or Mountain Sports Outlet and stores like REI and Christy Sports.

What is it like living and playing at high altitude?

Summit County and Arapahoe Basin are situated in high-altitude environments. A-Basin's base area is at 10,780 feet and the summit is 13,050 feet; most of Summit County sits between 8500-9500 feet. This high-altitude environment allows for abundant snowfall and sunshine, but can be difficult for people used to living at lower elevations. Be aware of the symptoms of altitude sickness: headaches, nausea, restless sleep, coughing and difficulty breathing. It can take two or more weeks to adjust to living at altitude.

You can reduce the symptoms of altitude sickness by:

  • Reducing your intake of alcohol, caffeine and salty foods
  • Drinking more water
  • Avoiding overexertion


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