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All About Arapahoe Basin

SKI Magazine Reader Survey Rankings, 2023

#13 overall Best of the West

  • #3 for “most affordable” in the West

  • #4 for “guaranteed to satisfy” in the West

  • #4 for most challenging terrain in the West (#1 in Colorado)

  • #5 for "best for a quick getaway" in the West

  • #7 for "snowiest" in the West

  • #8 for best "local flavor" in the West

Media Passes & Tickets

A-Basin does not issue media passes. We do not give out lift tickets or discounts unrelated to specific assignments, and we do not automatically accommodate all requests. Please do not show up unannounced expecting free stuff from us. 

If you are actively working on a piece with a deadline, feel free to reach out to our PR person. Introduce yourself, tell us about the publication, your story angle, and why you are specifically interested in skiing or riding at A-Basin. Please help us help you.

If you have a great idea, a legitimate publication, and a relevant audience lined up, we are more than happy to help you find a unique angle that will set your story apart, answer a million questions, hook you up with a ticket, set up a tour guide, buy you a bloody Mary, whatever.

Commercial Photography + Videography 

NOT allowed without a U.S. Forest Service permit, prior written permission from Arapahoe Basin, and payment of a site fee. Please allow a week or more to complete the process. 

"Commercial" is anything not strictly for news media. If you are shooting promotional material for a company / service / product / brand, you MUST have permission from BOTH the USFS and A-Basin. 

Commercial includes any and all photos and videos related to a product and/or service, training videos, nonprofit productions and pretty much anything else not explicitly for news media use that will be posted to a website, YouTube, Instagram story, etc.

We don't care if you're TikTok famous. The rules still apply. 

A-Basin Photos + Video / B-Roll / Drone Footage

The use of drones -- even for news media purposes -- is NOT permitted without prior permission from A-Basin and the US Forest Service. 

We have a full-time professional photographer / videographer on staff who is awesome. We are happy to provide his high-rez, high-quality content to news media. 

Our photographer is an FAA-certified drone pilot and has permission per our operating permit to fly a drone at the ski area.

Depending on the circumstance, we may be able to work with you and shoot the footage you need. We have provided drone video to Good Morning America, CBS Sports for an NFL game, and more. 

We will not provide content to commercial enterprises and are not able to respond to individuals requesting photos that were taken of them while they were at A-Basin.

Webcam Images and Usage

Mountain webcams can be found, here. We're working on getting the summit cam restored. We love it as much as you do but sometimes equipment breaks when it's outside in the elements at 12,456 feet. 

Media outlets are permitted to use A-Basin's webcam images and timelapse videos in print, broadcast and social media, and may also embed these cams on their websites. Please consider these guidelines in return:

  • Credit Arapahoe Basin Ski Area wherever applicable

  • Do not crop out our watermark (especially on social media)

  • Link back to the ski area if you are embedding the cam image in your website

Are you looking for a donation?

We strive for authentic, productive, two-way partnerships and try to be thoughtful about who we work with. We are endeavoring to prioritize long-term relationships that result in meaningful, positive impacts, and primarily focus on the needs of our Summit County community. 

If you think we can work together on something cool, let us know what and how and why. Please use this email address to make a donation request

Contact Info

Congrats on making it this far! If you haven't read the above information, please start there. 

The marketing department is off Sundays + Mondays. 

*Advertising, event, & commercial video shoot inquiries 
Sr. Brand / Marketing Manager
Email Her:

*Advertising & media inquiries 
Marketing Director
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