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Ski and Ride Sustainably

We have the power to save the powder!

There are several ways you can reduce your impact. 

Becoming a more sustainable skier or snowboarder doesn't have to mean giving up everything you love. There are several small and relatively inexpensive steps you can take to help reduce the overall impact that we all have on the environment.

Watch our award-winning Sustainability Sunday video series, check out our top tips for sustainable skiing and riding, and get discounts for joining us in supporting local environmental organizations. Our collective efforts add up to greater impact. Thank you!

Join the Snow Huggers Club

Get exclusive A-Basin discounts when you join us in supporting two environmental groups making a positive impact in Colorado. As a Snow Hugger, you have the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions from your ski season travel through the Colorado Carbon Fund. You will also directly fund environmental programs and projects in our home of Summit County by supporting the High Country Conservation Center. Thank you!

For just $30, you receive the following* :

  • Arapahoe Sports Retail: 10% your purchase
  • Legends Cafe and Black Mountain Lodge: 10% off your meal, one time at each place
  • Snowsports: $10 off a half-day class or half-day private lesson, reservations required
  • Tune Shop: $10 off a Crystal One tune
  • Lift ticket: 50% off one midweek ticket, reservations required

*Each of these benefits is a one-time use. You may purchase membership as a stand-alone product or add it on when you buy an A-Basin pass. 


Ski & Ride More Sustainably

Consider carbon offsets for your ski/ride travel

In 2019, we began offsetting all of our ski-area fuel use—including gasoline, diesel and propane—through the Colorado Carbon Fund (CCF). The offsets cover snowcats, snowmobiles, highway vehicles, heavy equipment, cooking appliances, building heat and auxiliary power motors for the lifts. We chose to partner with the CCF in order to support Colorado projects such as grassland protection, carbon sequestration farming, and the Larimer Gas to Energy Project.

Offsetting your emissions that result from travel to and from the ski area is quick, easy and relatively inexpensive. We figured that 10 round-trip drives to the Basin from Denver comes out to just 10 bucks (total). Choose your preferred offset organization and use the CCF calculator to get a more personal amount, or join our Snow Huggers Club. 

Hook up with our friends at POW to learn more and get engaged...

Protect Our Winters (POW) was founded by pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones in 2007 after he noticed climate change was negatively affecting ski areas. POW turns passionate outdoor people into effective climate advocates, and leads a community of athletes, thought pioneers and forward-thinking business leaders to affect systemic political solutions to climate change. POW has long been a partner of ours, and we encourage you to connect with them if you are wanting to learn more about how climate change is impacting outdoor recreation and to become an advocate for improvements. 

...and, VOTE!  

Make sure your voice is heard on issues of climate change, renewable energy, and more. The last five years were the hottest on record. CO2 levels have surpassed historic levels--the climate is warming, which threatens our winter recreation, winter economies, and community health, among many other things. POW's election center can help if you're not sure where to start. Political leaders matter at every level; make sure you vote in local and state elections, too. 

Get your skis or board waxed at A-Basin

We only use Purl Wax in our Base n' Edge Tune Shop. It's made by a local Colorado company that supports 1% for the Planet and is free from fluoros and toxic chemicals. A-Basin full-season passholders and Ikon Pass holders get tune shop discounts. 

Reduce your drag at the end of the season

Take your ski rack off your car and replace your snow tires with your regular tires at the end of the season. Both could save you 6 percent at the pump! A tune-up could boost your miles per gallon anywhere from 4 to 40 percent. A new air filter could get you 10 percent more miles per gallon.

BYO water bottle

We have water bottle filling stations throughout the ski area. Bring your own bottle if you ski or ride with water to avoid purchasing plastic.

Carpool or take public transportation to A-Basin

While we aren't encouraging it this season because of COVID-19, we wanted to stay how much we appreciate all of you who carpooled or chose the Summit Stage Swan Mountain Flyer or Snowstang bus to get to and from A-Basin. The Summit Stage is still running late November 2020 - April 2021 with 50% capacity. Please stay safe this season and don't travel to the ski area with anyone you're not currently living with. 

For more information on how you have the power to save the powder, please contact Sha Miklas at or Mike Nathan at

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