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Arapahoe Basin Mountain Tour: Pallavicini Terrain


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Get insider insight on some of Arapahoe Basin's most unique terrain, Pallavicini, with this virtual mountain tour video. Our COO Alan Henceroth will show you around some of his favorite runs so you can get a taste of what to expect when exploring one of the classic terrain areas that makes A-Basin "The Legend." Then, after you have explored all 5 alleys, head to the 6th (our base-area bar and grill) to refuel and truly feel like a local. 


What's so special about the Pali terrain? If you know, you know. But, in case you don't, the Pali terrain is some of the steepest inbounds terrain in the state. Think 40-degree pitches on the EX runs with more than 1,300 vertical feet of skiing and riding. There's also great variety, with spines, cornices, chutes, rocky areas, tree runs and plenty of things to jump off of if that's your style. 

  • You can access this terrain with a single lift ride from the base area up to the Pali Outpost. Park at The Beach and you can ski from your car to the Pali lift.
  • The elevation and north-facing aspect of this terrain, plus being the recipient of "favorable," snow-buffing winds, means the snow quality in this area is particularly special.
  • No matter where you're skiing or riding in this terrain, the mountain views are breathtaking. You're nearly on the Continental Divide, after all, and starting your fun at 12,130 feet.
  • You can try before you buy. Ride the Pali lift and look around; you're able to observe much of this rugged terrain while flying through the air. If it doesn't look like your thing, cruise down Grizzly Road, a groomed blue run, back to mid-mountain. There are also several black-diamond runs on skier's right that offer a fun ride back to the base.
  • This terrain extends into Christmas Trees and Janitor's Only, two EX trails out of the gates that offer some special, untouched exploration and a short hike back to the Pali lift. 

To get into the spirit of this terrain, learn more about why the Pali lift and the runs it services are so special -- and always have been -- by reading this first-hand account of the Pali scene in the early 90s. It's still much the same, today. 


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