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New Pali Lift is OPEN!



Pali Opening Day 2020 Saturday morning (Dec. 18) we opened the new Pallavicini double. Leitner Poma built us a beautiful, fine chairlift. The color is a galvanized silver versus a glossy black. While it is a new machine, so much is the same. As I load the machine I know it feels different at first. A new comfort bar sits across my lap. By Tower 3, I am getting into the groove. The ride is smooth. As I near the top, I realize I am riding my favorite chairlift - ANYWHERE! An incredible amount of terrain and vertical for such a short ride. So good to have her open for the season.

- Al Henceroth, COO

Building Pali Video

The original Pallavicini Lift was installed in 1978 and was something of a trendsetter at the time. The fixed-grip double says a lot about our character and our vibe. Check out some behind-the-scenes footage of Pali's construction and hear from some of the key people involved in its replacement. 

What Terrain is Open?

The Love and Lore of Pali

pali ride opening day 2020

The Pallavicini Lift, aka the Center of the Universe aka the Black Jewel of the Basin, has a special magic. We asked two longtime A-Basin skiers who happen to be married to each other and who happen to have worked here for a very long time, why Pali is so special to them and others.

Read their stories. 

History of the Pali Lift

top of pali opening day 2020

How did the Pallavicini lift and terrain get their names? What are the Pali Lift stats? Read this history piece we wrote in 2019 as Pali entered its final season of service to learn all about this legend of The Legend.

Pali History

Want to learn even more about A-Basin history? We have a brand-new book co-authored by Al himself that tells the full A-Basin story.  Purchase it in our store.  

All photos from Pali's 2020 opening day.

News from The Legend
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