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We made a podcast!


Behind the Scenes

You know us, you love us. And now, you get to hear our voices. 

This bandwagon seemed too good to pass up.

The goal of the new A-Basin podcast, "Good Morning Arapahoe Basin!" is to take you behind the scenes for the sounds and stories that make us The Legend. The show will introduce you to characters, give you context, and have some fun. Episodes won’t be long and they won’t be big A-Basin ads because that wouldn’t be interesting for us, either. 

The show is co-hosted by our PR person, Katherine Fuller, and our marketing director, Jesse True. Katherine is a once-and-future journalist and Jesse has been in the ski industry for a (very) long time. And, don't worry, Al's Blog is not going anywhere. He's still THE voice of A-Basin; we're just adding a few more into the mix. 

The name of the show is a nod to our beloved ski patrol. Each day, the individual filling the patrol dispatch role "signs on" by reading the morning weather report on Channel 1 of our internal radio network, and they always start by saying, "Good morning Arapahoe Basin!" Hearing that is how many of us start our days. 

arapahoe basin ski area enduro

Episode 1 introduces you to A-Basin's most famous, longest-running event, the Enduro -- 33 years and counting. Tune in for the history, terrain, community, and craziness of this 10-hour ski/ride fundraiser that takes place on some of Colorado's steepest in-bounds terrain. 

Give it a listen and let us know what topics you want us to cover in future episodes.  

  • Guests: Alan Henceroth + Kaileen Picket Heaps

  • Music: Hobo Village + Daniel Fridell

  • Length: 18 minutes

If the embedded audio player doesn't work, listen to the show, here.

arapahoe basin ski area enduro

Skiing or riding the Pali terrain for 10 hours is no joke.

arapahoe basin ski area enduro

The Enduro features a le mans start at 7:00 AM

arapahoe basin ski area enduro

Top of the Pali Lift during the 2021 Enduro (a rare event with bluebird skies)

arapahoe basin ski area enduro

Skiing The Spine during the 2021 Enduro

arapahoe basin ski area enduro

Beautiful views from the Pali Lift, always

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