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Podcast Ep.6: Ski Patroller of the Year, Lindsay Wiebold


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Episode 6 of Arapahoe Basin's podcast features a conversation with Patrol Supervisor Lindsay Wiebold, A-Basin and Colorado Ski Country USA Ski Patroller of the Year for the 2021-22 winter season.

The conversation touches on what life is like as an A-Basin ski patroller, how to make a career out of patrolling, and what's changing in the profession that will (hopefully) make it more welcoming to a broader group of individuals. And, because this is a ski podcast, Lindsay gives her tips for how to read and enjoy our unique terrain. 

arapahoe basin ski patrol

Lindsay is an Ohio native with an outdoor education background, and got her start patrolling in a way that you might find unconventional. We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did! 

Listen below or find us on Spotify. If this gets you stoked to become a ski patroller at The Legend, keep an eye on our employment page

  • Host: Katherine Fuller, Sr. Communications Manager
  • Music: April Showers by Big Girl, Sweet Escape by Aiyo, Rocket Surf by Andreas Boldt, No Crime by The Devil's Sway


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