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Podcast Ep2: The How and Why of Spring Skiing



Arapahoe Basin has the longest ski and ride season in Colorado. In episode 2 of "Good Morning Arapahoe Basin!" -- our in-house podcast -- hosts Katherine Fuller and Jesse True sit down to talk about how and why this happens. It's not just Mother Nature and moving snow. There's an entire culture here that is built around enabling skiing and riding for as long as possible. If it's good, we'll give it to you.  

Listen in as Jesse gives us some perspective relative to the rest of the ski industry and pokes fun at Katherine's love of recreating in jean shorts. Later, they are joined by Louis "Lou Dog" Skowyra, A-Basin's operations director in charge of lifts and slopes maintenance, and Ryan "Sunshine" Evanczyk, A-Basin's ski patrol director. Louis and Ryan talk about the uniqueness of spring snow and spring terrain management, what it's like staying open until the 4th of July, and what happens if you ski naked.

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spring skiing a basin

spring skiing a basin

spring skiing a basin

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