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Podcast Ep.7: Insider Terrain Tips


Behind the Scenes

Episode 7 of Arapahoe Basin's podcast, "Good Morning Arapahoe Basin!," goes deep with two staff who have been skiing at The Legend for nearly 60 years, combined. This show is packed with insider tips and deep, A-Basin insight on how to have the best day on the mountain no matter what.

Listen in to this 30-minute episode to learn how to read our terrain like a longtime local and choose the right spots for any condition; the value of "the good winds" and how they lead to free refills days after a storm; places to explore that you may not have thought of (including where to find the "Three Huck Tour"); and simply what is so joyful about skiing here from the perspective of people who have been doing it a long time.

arapahoe basin ski area staff

Listen below or find us on Spotify. And don't forget that the best way to ski or ride like a local is to buy an A-Basin season pass and come experience all seasons and all conditions without restrictions or the need to plan ahead. 2023-24 passes go on sale soon!

  • Hosts: Katherine Fuller, Sr. Communications Manager; Jesse True, VP of Marketing & Skier Services
  • Guests: Gates Lloyd, Snowsports Director (left); Tony Cammarata, Director of Development & Planning (right)
  • Music: April Showers by Big Girl, Mountain Spring High by Gabriel Lewis, No Crime (instrumental) by The Devil's Sway, Ghosts of the Rail by Gabriel Lewis

Want to learn more about our terrain? Watch our Mountain Tour video series. 

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