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Arapahoe Basin Mountain Tour: Steep Gullies


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Get insider insight on some of Arapahoe Basin's steepest terrain, the Steep Gullies, with this virtual tour hosted by our brand manager, Whitney Henceroth. When tackling these expert-only runs, it's important to know before you go. 

The Steep Gullies are as-advertised and features steep, narrow and rocky chutes. This is some of the most challenging in-bounds terrain you'll find in Colorado. Access it with a single lift ride on the Pallavicini Chair or get there after exploring The Beavers. Skiing or riding these steeps require serious skills and commitment, followed by a 20-30 minute hike back to the base area. 

The Steep Gullies is some of A-Basin's newest inbounds terrain, added for the 2017-18 winter season. The area used to be backcountry, and both the popularity and challenges of this terrain helped inspire bringing it into ski-area boundaries to help provide a safer, more consient experience. The Steep Gullies require lots of snow and extensive avalanche mitigation work, and are usually open from late winter to mid-spring. 

"I highly recommend skiing the Steep Gullies at Arapahoe Basin. The 20 minute hike out is well-worth the pristine powder-filled chutes of the Steep Gullies, and the seemingly endless tree run that rests below the gullies. You’d be hard-pressed to find any lift-serviced terrain in the country like it." - Matt Lorelli, Unofficial Networks

Check out this article and video about the unique avalanche mitigation systems used by our ski patrol in this Unofficial Networks article. 

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