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Arapahoe Basin Sustainability Update



Welcome to Arapahoe Basin’s 2021 sustainability update!

Our new annual report takes a look at the progress made during 2020-2021 ski and ride season. Our goal is carbon neutrality by 2025.

New to The Basin last year was our first, full season of summertime operation and activities. More year-round action of course meant more impacts and resource usage here at the ski area. But it also translated to more opportunities to feature sustainability in these new activities. The hiking and biking trail construction utilized sustainable trail-building concepts, avoiding sensitive areas and wetlands. In the future, the trails will also incorporate Ace’s Wild Adventure-style interpretive signage and environmental education.

arapahoe basin via ferrata

The via ferrata used stainless-steel washable and reusable bento-style lunch boxes and reusable water bottles for the drinks and snacks provided for full-day tours. The Steilhang Hut–a brand new winter food offering on the upper mountain that will also house via ferrata activities in the summertime, features numerous sustainable building features including composting toilets and an 8.5 kW roof-mounted solar array.

The new opportunities and ongoing efforts in place continued our march towards carbon neutrality:

  • We crossed the 50% renewable electricity threshold, sourcing more than 54% of our total electricity from renewable sources.

  • We diverted more than 50% of our waste from the landfill yet again.

  • Domestic water usage dropped for another year.

  • Our stewardship efforts while building our hiking and biking trails continued our leadership around wildlife and watershed conservation.

arapahoe basin mountain bike trail


Click through the full report below to discover the meaningful ways Arapahoe Basin addresses important sustainability concerns at the mountain and well beyond our ski area boundary. Or, better yet, check out what A-Basin is doing on-site the next time you visit–and don’t let our message fall on deaf ears! Join us, because we can all do simple things to walk lighter on the planet–even in our ski and snowboard boots.

Thank you from the A-Basin Sustainability Team,

Mike Nathan, Sustainability Manager
Sha Miklas, Sr. Manager of Guest Services and Sustainability
Alan Henceroth, Chief Operating Officer

P.S. In addition to checking out our sustainability report, don't forget to keep up with our award-winning Sustainability Sunday video series! Follow us on social media to watch, or see all episodes on our YouTube channel. 

arapahoe basin sustainability report 2021


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