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Sustainability at A-Basin: In-Depth on Snowmaking



New year, new fleece. Your favorite sustainability manager and "Melly"-wearing man, Mike, is back!

Arapahoe Basin's award-winning Sustainability Sunday video series has re-launched as a collection of 4-part mini series that dive deeply into one specific topic each month. We kicked it off by going behind the scenes of our snowmaking system.

On everything from water to energy use, we debunk some common snowmaking myths and answer the big questions you've been sending our way. For example, much more water is lost to lawn watering than snowmaking; all of our snowmaking is powered by solar energy; and we employ other methods like snow fencing and snow farming that allow us to be extra-efficient and only make snow during optimal times on small pieces of terrain. 


Each episode of the series airs, first, on our social media channels. 

Learn more about our sustainability program and how we are working toward carbon neutrality by 2025. 


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