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Top 10 Photos of 2019



These are our favorite photos from 2019, chosen by our photographer Ian Zinner. It was an incredible year in which we were open for skiing/snowboarding for 10 of the 12 months. We had our shortest "off-season" ever, just 99 days between closing July 4 and opening October 11. Once again, we were last to close and first to open in Colorado. Our long season is one reason they call us "The Legend." Enjoy, and here's to a legendary 2020!

MAY 2019 -- It may just be the base area outside the A-Frame, but this was one of our most-liked photos on Instagram. You were probably as stoked as we were to get this big of a spring snowstorm! We received over 41 inches of snow in May of last year, well above our average of 30 inches. Pic: Ian Zinner

MARCH 2019 -- Speaking of mega-powder days, this glorious descent on The Spine (one of our favorite runs) was shot shortly after opening following a two-day safety closure. There was literally too much snow, and we had to do extensive avalanche mitigation both on the mountain and above the highway. It was our snowiest March since 2002, with nearly 83 inches falling during the month. Pic: Ian Zinner

MARCH 2019 -- Standing on top of the Pali Chair is always exhilarating and breathtaking. The views up there always deliver unless it’s storming, but this bluebird day was definitely one of those moments where we had to stop, soak it in, and snap a photo (of course).

JULY 4, 2019 -- That's right! We were open for skiing and snowboarding on Independence Day last year. It was the 7th time in our history that we pulled off such a feat. What can we say except that it was awesome and we love a good time? This is "Lake Reveal" on the upper mountain near Dercum's Gulch and Gentry. Pic: Ian Zinner

MARCH 2019 -- We have a lot of party pieces here at The Legend and this is one of them. Formerly backcountry territory, The Steep Gullies were added to A-Basin's acerage during the 2017-18 season and is home to some of the steepest in-bounds terrain in Colorado. The rocky chutes are for experts, only, and require a 20- to 30-minute hike to get back to the base area once complete. Pic: Dave Camara

DECEMBER 2019 -- At the same time that we added The Steep Gullies, we added 339 acres called The Beavers. For advanced-intermediate to expert skiers and riders, this place is mostly about great tree skiing and deep pow stashes. The lift was installed for the 2018-19 season, completing the original vision for the ski area laid out in 1946. Pic: Ian Zinner

FEBRUARY 2019 -- Who can forget about 'Zuma Bowl? This was the first A-Basin expansion, completed for the 2007-08 season. It's 400 acres of south-facing fun with wide-open blue groomers, steep bowls and untracked glades. If you want to feel remote, the hike-back area below the lift guarantees solitude. Also, cliffs and pretty mountain views (see above). Pic: Dave Camara

APRIL 2019 -- "When is the East Wall opening?!?" If we had a dollar for every time you asked us that... Look, we get it. The East Wall is one of the most unique in-bounds ski experiences anywhere (pictured is the 1st Notch). You need skills and nerve to drop in, and strength to get there in the first place. But it's part of what makes us The Legend: nearly three-quarters of our terrain is advanced and above. As Kyle from accounting likes to say, if you're not skiing/riding the stuff at A-Basin that requires a hike to get to or get out of, you haven't experienced everything this place is about. Pic: Ian Zinner

OCTOBER 11, 2019 -- Remember opening day? How much fun was that? We were ready, the opportunity presented itself, and we say "Go" for a mid-afternoon opening. The faithful showed up and we had a heck of a party after being closed for only 99 days. It's what we love; it's all we do. We're stoked every day that we get to share our big mountain experience with others. Pic: Ian Zinner

APRIL 2019 -- Last but certainly not least, we had to feature a photo of our beloved Pallavicini Lift aka the Center of the Universe aka "the black jewel in the crown of the Basin". Pali was installed in 1978 and will be replaced this summer (with another fixed-grip double) after 41 years of service. You'll be hard-pressed to find another lift in Colorado with as much lore or as many fans. Why? Read more about Pali, here. Pic: Dave Camara

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