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COVID-19 Updates



Arapahoe Basin Ski Area will REOPEN ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 27. Complete details, here

Please know that this is a rapidly evolving situation and the details below may change. We want to be as transparent as possible. This page will be updated with the most current information on the status of ski area operations. 


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All updates below come from the blog written by Arapahoe Basin COO Alan Henceroth. 

May 24, We Are Re-Opening Wednesday, May 27

It is official. We are going to re-open Wednesday, May 27. As I mentioned a couple days ago, we will sell a very small number of lift tickets. Mostly this opening is for all of our pass holders. That includes A-Basin season passes, Any Day Passes, Ikon Passes and Mountain Collective Passes. We will be open 7 days a week from 8:30 AM until 3:00 PM.

This is going to be very different.

1. Reservations are required. DO NOT SHOW UP WITHOUT A RESERVATION.

2. Physical distancing will be enforced and guests must wear face coverings in designated areas.

3. Tailgating and other gatherings will not be allowed.

We have been given an extraordinary opportunity. We need to take this very seriously and we need to respect the guidance given by our Summit County and State of Colorado health officials. We have to open in a responsible way. We need everyone to help. 

Go to our website for all the details. A-Basin To Re-Open

Oh yeah, beginning Wednesday afternoon Uphill Access will be open for Uphill Pass holders from 4 PM until 8 AM. Users must be off the hill by 8 AM.

I am so excited we can offer the "A-Basin Tribe" a chance to ski and ride again this season. This will be cool.

April 25, Candid Talk On Opening

I want to have a candid discussion on the possibility of us re-opening. I am concerned a few of you may be getting the wrong message. A re-opening will not be happening soon. As a community we have more work to do battling COVID-19. Hospitalization and fatality rates need to continue to fall. We still need to follow all the social distancing recommendations. Culturally, to open we have to be comfortable travelling and driving again.

That said, you know when conditions are right, we will try and re-open. That time is at least a few weeks away. We are working on plans of HOW to open. There is still no plan for WHEN to open. There are no plans to open uphill access at this time.

Don't be discouraged. This is a marathon and A-Basin is a marathon runner. What other area stays open from mid-October to July 4th? We all need to do the right things now if we want to get open again.

April 6, April Update

Just over a month ago, I did a blog post on the “State of the Basin” following our big change in partnerships. After a slow start to the season, business had picked up nicely since Martin Luther King weekend and we had even begun worrying about crowds on Saturdays. The first 10 days of the 2020-21 season pass sales had been terrific. It is amazing how rapidly COVID-19 has completely turned our world upside down. Today is the 23rd day we have been closed.

The core of what we do at Arapahoe Basin is providing opportunities for people to have extraordinary mountain experiences. Not being able to do that is very frustrating and it is very hard on our business and our staff. Our primary action since the closure has been taking care of our employees, helping them get through this crisis. Secondary to that we have been trying to figure out when we can get our business started again offering those mountain experiences.

This evening Governor Polis extended the "Stay at Home" Executive Order through April 26 and the Ski Area Closure Executive Order through April 30. Our average closing day is in mid-June. Whether we are able to re-open again this spring is yet to be seen. I can tell you with absolute certainty that there is still a lot of time and we will not give up on trying to re-open. If it makes sense to re-open and if our community is ready for us to re-open, we will re-open. This closure has forced us to change and re-think many issues. No doubt the pot will be sweetened for 2020-21 season pass renewals. Please bear with us as we work through the very challenging months ahead.

Perhaps what I miss most through this closure is seeing our guests and employees having fun at Arapahoe Basin. I am thankful that over the past three weeks I have received a number of very kind messages of support from many of you. The Basin is a wonderful place, full of wonderful people. I look forward to seeing all of you on the slopes and trails soon. We miss you.

​March 27, A Message from Summit County Ski Areas + Loveland + White River National Forest

We joined with the leaders of our neighboring ski areas and our partners at the White River National Forest to ask that you please stay home and recreate responsibly, respect our uphill access closures, and help us protect our local communities and first responders. We are all in this fight against COVID-19 together. Our mountain will always be here and we will ski and ride another day. Please stay safe during this time. 

March 20, Impacts of COVID-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been an unprecedented event, a kind never seen in our lifetimes. The outbreak has brought the local, national and world economies to their knees. More and more of us have a friend or relative or know of someone who has fallen ill. This event is tragic and its impact on the world is enormous. 

This is a horrible time for Colorado. Governor Polis has extended his Executive Order to keep ski areas closed through April 6. There is no clear indication of when the ski area will re-open. It seems likely that we are still weeks away. While we have every intention of re-opening The Basin, we have no idea when that will be. 

I am very sad to say that we will be letting all 430 of our seasonal full-time and part-time employees go effective April 1. Affected employees will receive two weeks of pay based on what they were scheduled to work after March 14, a $.50 bonus for each hour worked this season and all of their accrued PTO. For full-time seasonal employees who have health insurance through us, the ski area will pay their monthly health insurance premiums for May and June. We strongly encourage each employee to closely track developing government and Arapahoe Basin assistance programs for those feeling financial and/or personal hardship from the pandemic.

Beginning April 1, our 70 full-time year-round employees will go down to ¾ time with the ability to augment their compensation through PTO. Employees are encouraged to view the FAQ page with more details through their Paylocity Portal.

I am saddened by the chain of events surrounding COVID-19. We value and cherish all the efforts of every employee at Arapahoe Basin.  We wish healthiness to all through these troubling times.

March 19, Updated Executive Order

Last night Governor Polis extended his Executive Order keeping Colorado resorts closed through April 6, 2020.  This was not a surprise. Following the news and updates from the State of Colorado and Summit County governments, it is very clear that we are a ways from approaching normalcy. I was glad to see the Governor only add two more weeks to the closure. We can manage this crisis in smaller bites. He can always extend the closure if necessary. And, sooner or later, we are going the get Arapahoe Basin open again.

The forecast calls for heavy snow today. It has just begun and is very windy up here now. It is good to know the mountain is still here and snow is still falling. 

March 15, COVID-19 Closure 

This evening Governor Polis, by Executive Order, directed all downhill ski resorts in Colorado to suspend operations from March 15 through March 22. Governor Polis Executive Order

We support the governor making this very difficult decision. While some folks encouraged us to close, hundreds, if not thousands, of people have asked us to stay open. We tried our very best to be creative and modify operations to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. I know that many of you want to be here and many of you had a great week skiing here. This closure saddens me deeply. Unfortunately, it is time to close.

We have every intention of re-opening. The very best skiing at A-Basin is yet to come. As soon as it makes sense to re-open, we will re-open. It is unclear when that will be. I plan on sharing several East Wall hikes and skis with many of you this spring.

This is a brutally difficult time for Colorado, the nation and the world. We need to work collectively to get through it.


(Posted 9:00 PM on March 14)

March 14

The news of the COVID-19 outbreak remains front and center for all of us. The situation is dynamic and rapidly changing. As always, the safety and well-being of our guests and employees is our greatest concern. We continue to follow guidance from federal, state and local authorities and are in close contact with them.

The culture of skiing and snowboarding is inherently social. While one side of an Arapahoe Basin visit is very social, gathering with friends and family, making new friends and sharing a meal or drink, the other side of a visit is a very low-density affair, skiing and riding across our 1,428 acres. We would like our guests to focus more on the low-density skiing and riding.

To promote social distancing, we are putting in place the following measures over the next 48 hours:

  • We are significantly reducing food and beverage operations. Limited offerings and menus will be available. Seating will be limited indoors.
  • All Guest Services issues will be handled through lift ticket sales windows.
  • The number of people allowed in our Rental Shop will be limited.
  • Snowsports for both kids and adults (lessons) will be focused primarily outside and classes will be limited to a half day.
  • We will not be operating our parking lot shuttles or using overflow parking.
  • We have cancelled all scheduled events through April 8. If you are signed up for an event, you will be receiving an email regarding refunds and other options.

We are also strongly recommending the following actions by our guests to help us at this time:

  • People at high risk for COVID-19 (people who are over 60, already sick, or who have underlying health conditions) should visit another time.
  • Guests should reduce their time inside. While we realize people need to use the restrooms, warm up, grab a snack or purchase equipment, we encourage everyone to minimize their time indoors.
  • We are encouraging guests to ride lifts with their friends and family only.
  • We are encouraging guests to bring their own lunch and drinks and eat outside or at their car.

This is a very challenging time. Again, the safety and well-being of our guests and employees is our greatest concern. Please make informed and educated decisions about skiing and COVID-19. We want to keep this great experience going and need your help and cooperation to do so.

Please call us at 888-ARAPAHOE or email us at if you need to change your plans.

March 13

One of our employees that was answering phones in the Call Center last Saturday has become ill.  That employees has seen a physician and the physician has prescribed a COVID-19 test. The test is scheduled for today. We have been told that getting test results takes at least 72 hours.

We have been in direct communication with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Following their recommendations and in an abundance of caution, we are taking the following precautions. The employee and the four employees that worked directly with the employee are in self quarantine until we get the test results. The area where the employee worked was cleaned immediately after we became aware of the illness. As part of a larger effort, the Call Center and adjoining offices are being comprehensively cleaned a second time today. Further efforts include increased cleaning across the ski area especially in the Kids Center and Food and Beverage operations. We anticipate the Call Center and all ski area operations to be open Saturday.

We will continue to update this message as new information becomes available.  For additional information about Colorado skiing and COVID-19 check out Colorado Ski Country USA.

March 12 

As of yesterday the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment was reporting 33 cases of COVID-19 in Colorado. Those cases are spread across Colorado, both in the mountains and in the Front Range. There has still only been one case reported in Summit County. This situation is very dynamic and these numbers will change. Local information can be found at Summit County Government.

We continue to work very closely with state and local authorities addressing COVID-19. Yesterday, Colorado Governor Jared Polis advised, " over 60 or with chronic health issues should avoid unnecessary travel to the high country areas with the outbreaks,..." He also advised those same people, "...not to attend large congregations of people." We support the Governor's recommendations, thinking they are complimentary to and in sync with CDC guidelines, CDC COVID-19 Information. We encourage everyone to follow these guidelines with a special emphasis on personal hygiene. People in the high risk categories identified by the Governor, should consider re-scheduling their visits.

Arapahoe Basin will continue to be open for ski area operations through our expected closing date in June. Guest and employee wellness is our greatest concern. No specific risk has been identified at Arapahoe Basin. The COVID-19 situation is rapidly developing and changing. Please take the time to read and understand this illness. We encourage everyone to make thoughtful and educated decisions regarding COVID-19.

March 6

There has been one case of COVID-19 confirmed in Summit County. Specific information can be found at Summit County Government.

We have been working closely with Summit County and the State of Colorado governments and are following their recommendations. There has been no specific risk identified at Arapahoe Basin. Our greatest concern is for the safety and well being of our guests and our employees. While the risk of contracting this disease is low, we strongly encourage everyone to educate themselves on COVID-19 and use preventive measures recommended by the Center For Disease Control (CDC). Information can be found at CDC Coronavirus Information.

Arapahoe Basin will continue to be open for normal ski area operations. We hope you will take the time to read and understand this illness. Thank you for being part of A-Basin.

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