Local Housing

Start your search early! Areas to look for potential housing - Keystone, Summit Cove, Dillon, Dillon Valley, Silverthorne, Wildernest, or Frisco.

The following are useful resources when looking for seasonal accommodation:

Housing/affordable housing in Summit County can be challenging to acquire. We encourage all applicants to plan ahead and start your search early.

Being financially prepared will make for a much more enjoyable and successful experience. It is possible to work 2-3 weeks prior to receiving a paycheck depending on your start date. Be prepared for the cost of relocating including travel, food, and housing.

2017-18 Company-Sponsored Employee Housing

  • Limited employee housing is available to full-time, first-season employees on a first-come, first-served basis. Employee housing is NOT guaranteed.
  • Departments that MAY be eligible for employee housing – Base Area, Food and Beverage, Lift Operations, and Rental.
  • A-Basin managed accommodations are located in Keystone and Dillon Valley. There are various unit types.
  • Units are partially furnished with beds and living room furniture, and include a full kitchen and on-site laundry facilities. Kitchenware, bed linens, and toiletries must be provided by the tenant.
  • Company-sponsored housing is a pet-free, smoke-free, and drug-free. The use of cigarettes or marijuana (both medical and recreational in any form) is not permitted in employee housing.
  • All employee housing units are located near a Summit Stage bus stop (free, local bus service) which can provide you transportation to and from work. The Summit Stage runs from mid-November through mid-April only. We generally open and close outside of these operating dates. It is the employee’s responsibility to secure transportation to and from work.
  • Pre-scheduled room inspections are conducted once a month to ensure basic cleanliness and compliance with housing rules and regulations. Failure to pass these inspections could result in eviction.

2017-18* Company-Sponsored Housing Cost

  • Rent - $460/month for a shared room if available; $560/month for a single room if available; $505/month for Tenderfoot single room if available.
  • Deposit - $350 ($300 refundable after check out if no damage or cleaning fees incurred)
  • Rent is pro-rated to the day that you move in
  • After move in, rent is deducted from your paychecks
  • Full deposit and pro-rated rent up until your first paycheck (up to 3 weeks rent cost) is REQUIRED before move in

*Rates subject to change at any time. 

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