Cirque Series Trail Run Race

Sat, Sep 4

Time: 6:00 AM - 3:00 PM

The 2021 course begins at 10,780' ft, starting at the base of Arapahoe Basin, Mountain Goat Plaza, head up to the High Noon parking lot, then to last chance.  You will cross highway 6, get on the A-Basin summer road.  You will follow the summer road up to Black Mountain Lodge.  From Black Mountain Lodge you can see the views of the East Wall - some of the coolest terrain at Arapahoe Basin, of which a brand new singletrack hiking trail will be part of the uphill course. You will then connect back to service road continue to the saddle, crossing over to the top of Montezuma Lift, head out the Lenawee trail.  From this view point you can see all the way back into the old town of Montezuma and all the high peaks that surround Arapahoe Basin, taking world class views, as you summit Little Lenawee peak.  At the summit you will turn around, head back down.  You will head across and hit the Summer road, stride back down.  Once you see Black Mountain lodge again you will take a right onto world-class singletrack, which is the Argentine North Fork trail, taking cover in the beautiful shaded forest, the Argentine singletrack twists & turns, an adventure in itself, taking you towards bottom of the mountain where you will finish the last mile on a brand new mountain bike singletrack with high walls like a bobsled all the way to the bottom for a finish in Mountain Goat Plaza, where there will be live music and food for all. **The race course is located on approved established trails in the White River National Forest. **course subject to change as necessary

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