Annual Enduro and Après Party

Wed, Apr 13

Location: Pallavicini

The Enduro

A leg-burning, on-mountain event for a good cause 

Join your friends and family at Arapahoe Basin for the 32nd Annual Enduro, a fundraiser and ski-a-thon to benefit a local resident who is near and dear to A-Basin's heart. All participants will receive a snack pack at the end of the day and a New Belgium Mountain time lager. 

COST: $150 

This Event is SOLD OUT!  Please call 888-Arapaho for the waitlist. 

This Year's Beneficiary is Matt Norfleet

Matt Norfleet is the beneficiary of the 33rd Annual Arapahoe Basin Enduro. He is a longtime A-Basin ski patroller and has been the Assistant Ski Patrol Director for 9 years. In September 2021, Matt was diagnosed with stage 3 thyroid cancer. He is on the road to recovery but, in addition to dealing with his own diagnosis, he is also taking care of his mother who has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Proceeds from the 2022 Enduro will be donated to support Matt’s recovery and caregiving efforts.

Matt is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Even you haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know him, you have likely encountered his work. Not only does Matt help run ski patrol, he managed A-Basin’s dog program for several years including training Rio—a fan-favorite Golden Retriever. Matt is also a local business owner and graphic artist who has designed many of the t-shirts sold in Arapahoe Sports as well as the official A-Basin Enduro shirt and poster for the past several years. He is continuing his tradition of doing the Enduro design and, if we had to guess, this year's t-shirt will be one of the coolest we have seen. 

Matt is also an avid, professional rafter and member of the United States Whitewater Raft Team. He has attempted the Grand Canyon for the fastest known time twice, and is the person you want with you on your own raft trip. He and his partner, Sarah, have lived here in Summit County, Colorado, for several years and are proud dog parents to Murdoch, a malamute.

We wish Matt the best on his road to recovery, and express our deepest thanks to all of you who plan to participate in or donate to the A-Basin Enduro this year.   


Pali Enduro Event Info

35 teams of two take laps up the Pallavicini (Pali) chair and either ski or ride down the mountain on designated lines from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. without stopping. The entry fee is $150 for teams of two and includes a t-shirt, Enduro poster, dinner, a beer or beverage, and bragging rights! Check-in starts at 6:00 a.m. in the Guest Services building, with a mandatory participant meeting at 6:30 a.m. in the plaza at the goats statue.


Enduro Dinner and Apres Party

Lapping the Pali not your thing join for an Apres Party in the A-Frame.  We will have a pasta dinner and silent auction for anyway who wants to join.  Cost is $30.

4:00: Silent Auction Opens 

5:30: Dinner and Live music begins 

7:00: Live Auction (including a Norway chair) 

7:30: Silent Auction closes



Run Descriptions 

1. Right side of Upper Standard to right side of Middle Standard to right side of Lower Standard
2. Right side of Upper Standard to left side of Middle Standard to left side of Lower Standard
3. Left side of Upper Standard to 13 Cornices to center of Lower Standard
4. Left side of Upper Standard to 13 Cornices to Lower International
5.  North Glade Gate to right side of Upper International (Gunbarrel) to Lower International
6.  North Glade Gate to left side of Upper International (Gunbarrel) to the Dish to the Hummer
7. North Glade Gate to right side of North Glade (Grizzly) to Rollercoaster to Jackie’s Follies to the Hummer
8. North Glade Gate to left side of North Glade (Grizzly) to Turbo to Pali-Wog
9. North Glade Gate to Upper Timber Glade to Lower Timer Glade to the Rock Garden to Pali-Wog
10. Right side of Pali Main Street (1st Bowl) to East Avenue to the Throat to Pali-Wog
11. Right side of Pali Main Street (1st Bowl) to the Throat to Pali-Wog
12. 2nd Bowl to the Throat to Pali-Wog
13. The Spine to Mousetrap to Pali-Wog
14. Right Side of the Face to Mousetrap to Pali-Wog
15. Center of the Face to Pali-Wog
16. Left side of the Face to Spike to Pali-Wog
17. David’s Run (1st Alley) to Spike to Pali-Wog
18. 2nd Alley to Spike to Pali-Wog
19. 3rd Alley to Pali-Wog
20. West Alley (4th Alley) to the Waterfall to Pali-Wog