Rise and Shine Rando Series #3

Tue, Dec 4

Time: 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Location: Mountain Goat Plaza
Admission: $25

Join us for a five-part series of uphill challenges Tuesday mornings in November, December and January. Challenge yourself to all five or pick and choose which morning works the best for you and your workout schedule. Starting in the Mountain Goat Plaza at 10,780’ and finishing near the Summit at 12,474’, with twists and turns along the way, the early morning Rise and Shine Rando Races are a fun and challenging way to start your day!

Sample Course Description 

The skin will start in Mountain Goat Plaza and competitors will make their way up Wrangler.  When they get to the split between Sundance and Wrangler they will go around the flag de-skin and head back down to the base, go around the start flag.  They will then head up High Noon around the flag at Black Mountain Lodge, de-skin and ski down Ramrod returning to the plaza. From the plaza, the competitors make their way around the start flag and once again ascend High Noon. Competitors continue just past Black Mountain Lodge and ascend Dercums Gulch to Lenawee Face.  At the summit turn right and traverse the cat walk towards Patrol Headquarters for an inside finish in Snow Plume Refuge. This course has approximately 2,750’ vertical feet of elevation gain.


$25 for one race

$100 for all five races

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