Snow N' Throw

Sat, May 6

Time: 2:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Location: Black Mountain Lodge

Do you like sliding on the snow in the Spring on the Continental Divide? Ever done it and played disc golf at the same time? Join us for the 2nd Annual Snow N' Throw Disc Golf Tournament.

Last year we held the first-ever, (that we know of) disc golf course set up on an active ski mountain, and it was pretty fun! This year we're back at it: holes will be short, Par 3 putter-style holes. The layout and number of holes is TBD -- we don't know what conditions will be like or what terrain will be available but we will make it fun no matter what! Plan accordingly for the unpredictable nature of the mountain at that time. 

Meet at Black Mountain Lodge (mid-mountain) for the pre-party and a brief player meeting at 3:30 PM before the fun begins. Groups of four will start the course at 4:00 PM and make their way to the base area.

The last lift up is at 4:00 PM and you must catch it! Lifts will not run late.

Skiing, snowboarding, telemarking, snow skating, snowshoeing, or snow biking (the downhill ones with skis on them, not fat mountain bikes; we don't have bike-haul) are all acceptable means of transportation. It is up to you whether you stay in your gear for your throwing needs. 

Each participant will receive one disc and may bring one(1) additional disc of their choice. One person per group shall be responsible for keeping scores for the group and will turn in the group’s scorecard to the Tournament Director at the end. 

There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place!