A-Basin Trail Run Series Race #3

Sun, Aug 8

Time: 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Admission: $25

2021 DATES: July 11 and 25 + August 8 and 22

A-Basin’s four-race trail running series is a chill way to challenge yourself on a fun, casual, and super-high-altitude course through a stunning landscape. We are bringing back the virtual format along with our live races! You can run the course on your own Friday-Monday using Strava and submit your time, or run against competitors on Sunday for the live event! 

  • Check in 9 AM-9:45 AM in the base area
  • Race start at 10:00 AM
  • All summer events are NON-REFUNDABLE and will go on rain or shine!
  • This event is for humans only and no dogs will be allowed on the trail during the race. Please leave your dogs at home or with a friend in the base area.


Course Description

Course Description

The course begins at 10,780' ft, starting at the base of Arapahoe Basin, Mountain Goat Plaza, and head up the Argentine North Fork Trail.  You will follow the summer road up to Black Mountain Lodge.  From Black Mountain Lodge you can see the views of the East Wall - some of the coolest terrain at Arapahoe Basin.  You will make a turn at the top of the mountain and head back down the summer road.   At the summit, you will turn around, head back down.  You will head across and hit the Summer road, stride back down.  Once you see Black Mountain Lodge again you will take a right onto a world-class singletrack, which is the Argentine North Fork trail, taking cover in the beautiful shaded forest, the Argentine singletrack twists & turns, an adventure in itself, taking you all the way to the bottom for a finish in Mountain Goat Plaza.  

The total distance of this race is 6.0 miles with a total elevation gain of 1,500 feet.  

Strava Segment: https://www.strava.com/activities/3820962234/segments/2722837431313090542

Each course will be slightly different, longer, and more difficult. It's a great way to explore our mountain! Make sure to join us of lunch, after, in the 6th Alley Bar & Grill.


The new format will give you Friday-Monday to complete the race and to upload your time to Strava or run the race live on Sunday.  At the end, we will still be sending out prizes to the winners.

What the Runner will have to do:

  • Register at Arapahoebasin.com
  • Have a STRAVA profile (free versions available) and be familiar with how to use it.
  • Run the segment accurately and in the permissible timeframe (from Friday at 9:00 a.m. to Monday at 4:00 p.m. NO NIGHT RUNS)
  • E-mail Result to BryceM@a-basin.net
  • Scroll to the bottom for more information on Strava 
  • Or attend the live race on Sunday!

All racers will need a STRAVA user profile. If you don’t have a Strava account already I suggest getting one and becoming familiar with it. There is a free version.

There are two ways to use Strava:

  • Download the App to your phone.
  • Make sure GPS is enabled
  • Phone is charged
  • Make sure Battery Saving mode is OFF
  • Hit Record…and then hit Start
  • A running start is necessary for accurate timing. Be sure to hit “Record” and “Start” before you go past the Start Segment Sign. And, conversely, run past the Finish Segment sign before you hit “Stop”>”Finish”>”Save” (this terminology is Strava specific. We recognize that those running with GPS head units have different steps and lingo)
  • Strava will recognize the portion of your run that matches our Strava Segment and we’ll take it from there.

Use a GPS unit from a company such as Garmin, Suunto, Polar:

  • Run the segment
  • Upload to Strava after your run
  • Strava will match your Run to our Segment and we’ll take it from there


  • If you “Star” the segment the App will alert you as you're getting close to the start of the segment.
  • This can be very useful for PRE-RUNNING before the course gets marked.
  • There is a star next to every segment you look up in your dashboard. Simply click that Star.
  • Approaching a segment: You will hear an audible cue (a chime) if enabled, and see a notification when approaching a starred or popular segment.
  • Starting a segment: You will see your current progress on a map, but will not see comparison metrics (PR or KOM/QOM/CR)
  • Completing a segment: When you complete the segment, you will be shown your final performance results and will be transitioned back into the normal recording experience. 

Strava Subscribers:

  • Approaching a segment: When approaching a starred or popular segment, you will be transitioned from your recording screen to a Live Segment notification. You will hear an audible cue (if enabled) and see the segment name and your position relative to that segment.
  • Starting a segment: When you pass into a segment, you’ll be shown a bird’s eye view where you can follow your avatar as well as the avatars for your PR (if one exists for this segment) and KOM/QOM/CR progress.
  • Completing the segment: When you complete the segment, you will be shown your final performance results and will be transitioned back into the normal recording experience.

Strava link: https://www.strava.com/activities/3820962234/segments/2722837431313090542



Jeff Cuno - 53:12:33

Alex Parulis - 1:02:09

Charlie Lange - 1:02:23

Mike Bloom - 1:07:11

Kevin Bold - 1:07:13

Adam Lange - 1:18:31

Ryan Dougovito - 1:23:09


Samantha Cuno - 1:19:09

Trisha Black - 1:49:35

Jennifer Longnecker - DNF