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Pallavicini Chair Sales + Auctions



Chair sales have ended.

We have two chairs left to auction but the dates and details are TBD. 

Thank you to everyone who joined the interest list and helped us support the Summit County Cares Emergency Fund. And congrats to the new chair owners!

Chair Auctions

We will auction three chairs to support three, local nonprofits. All of the money raised by these three chairs will be split evenly among the nonprofits. One Pali chair was auctioned at the Enduro Party in summer 2020 and benefited two members of our A-Basin family who are facing significant medical bills.

Please read all of the info on this page to understand how it works. And good luck!

  • The dates for the second, third and fourth chair auctions are TBD.
  • Nonprofits receiving 100% of the funds (split evenly): Family and Intercultural Resource Center, Summit Community Care Clinic, Summit Foundation
  • Bidding is open to anyone (i.e. don’t have to be a passholder) 
  • Please read and understand eBid’s terms and conditions before you bid
  • Please don’t bid if you don’t intend to buy the chair. You might actually win it!
  • You have the option to ship the chair, but you MUST pay for it separately and arrange ALL details, yourself (including packaging, pickup and transport). 

Read more about the nonprofits we chose to support, below.

Nonprofits Supported by the Auctions

Not only are these organizations integral to the health and success of our community members, they have also been on the front lines of Summit County’s COVID-19 response. Thank you for learning more about them and joining us to support them via our chair auctions.

Family and Intercultural Resource Center

The Family and Intercultural Resource Center (FIRC) has been serving Summit County, Colorado, since 1993 in the ways of parenting education, emergency assistance and community support, a food bank, cultural integration and an affordable thrift store. It is a 501(c)3 nonprofit working to build strong families and a strong community by providing people with the tools and education to be successful parents and community members. 

Summit Community Care Clinic

Summit Community Care Clinic is a Federally Qualified Health Center that provides a full range of integrated care services inclusive of medical, dental and behavioral health services through a team-based model of care. It is the only clinic in its 5-county service area that offers a comprehensive sliding fee scale, primary care to Medicaid and low-income, uninsured patients, and is the only safety net dental provider.

Summit Foundation

The Summit Foundation is a local community foundation providing leadership and resources to assist local working families, resolve critical community issues and preserve the quality of life we all enjoy in our beautiful mountains. Through the generosity of more than 3,000 donors, $35 million has been contributed to Summit County and our neighboring communities over the past 35 years. 

Summit County Cares Emergency Fund

The Summit County Cares Emergency Fund was established by the Summit Foundation in response to the COVID-19 crisis. It is a rapid response fund to provide grants for community partners that are addressing basic human needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for a chair?

If you are selected from the interest list and agree to purchase a chair, you will be sent a secure, private link to complete the payment process via credit card, as well as a bill of sale to sign digitally. 

Will you offer a payment plan for the chair?

Unfortunately, we are unable to do this. You must pay for the chair in full when payment is due.

Will you ship me a chair?

We strongly encourage you to make arrangements to pick up your chair or have someone you trust pick it up for you. We will accommodate shipping your chair but you must arrange everything and pay for it separately, yourself, including having the chair packaged, loaded and transported (we will not do these things). At this time we are only able to offer minimal assistance. A-Basin is not responsible for the condition of the chair upon its arrival to you. 

How does pickup work?

If you are able to purchase a chair, information will be emailed to you regarding dates, times and procedures for chair pickup. CHAIR PICKUP IS JULY 11. 

A proxy can pick up your chair for you, but you MUST make arrangements with us beforehand so we know who that person is. If you do not pick up your chair by a certain date (TBD), you will forfeit, be issued a refund and your chair will be sold to someone else. 

What do I get with the chair?

You receive one chair, slightly used, with a seat pad. Lucky you! You will not receive the grip.  

How big are the chairs? 

Each chair weighs 129 pounds (give or take). They are  47 inches wide and 10 feet tall with the hanger or 62 inches tall with hanger removed. 

Can I get donation receipts from the nonprofits if I win a charity auction chair?

Yes. If you win one of the auction chairs, we will help you with this. 

Can I buy more than one chair?

No. Only one per household, please. 

What about all of the other parts? Can I buy a piece of lift tower to turn into a smoker?

We will be selling other lift parts but when and how has yet to be determined. Stay tuned!

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