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Aerial Adventure Park

New for 2020! 

Adventure high in the trees. Complete details coming soon!

Thrill yourself high above the ground on one of 7 challenge courses, two of which are just for kids! Our aerial adventure park obstacles are naturally integrated into the trees with a scenic mountain backdrop. This is a great outing for families, friends, groups and corporate events. Easily accessible from the base area. 

Dates and hours are still to be determined.
For summer 2020, we anticipate the aerial adventure park will be available by online reservation, only. 

If you are familiar with ropes courses and challenge courses, you have a rough idea of what an aerial adventure park has to offer. Our park is built directly into the trees on the slopes of our mountain. You can barely see it from beyond the forest and once you’re in there, you’re surrounded by pine trees and mountain views.

Our park will offer seven different routes: two for little kids ages 3-5 (recommended), and five others ranging in difficulty from beginner to intermediate. The aerial adventure park is a unique experience and a fantastic outing for families, friends, groups and corporate events.

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