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Mountain Biking at A-Basin

Test your legs and lungs and enjoy the views

Arapahoe Basin currently has one main trail open to mountain biking. While it’s not for the faint-of-heart or the beginner, it’s a must-do for serious mountain bikers. The Argentine North Fork Trail is 1.8 miles of singletrack ascending steeply (750 feet) to Black Mountain Lodge at mid-mountain. From there, you can stop for BBQ on the weekends, or pick up a steep, primitive dirt road that continues another 1.5 miles to 12,500 feet and panoramic mountain views.

If you know, you know. We are famous for this gorgeous but difficult U.S. Forest Service trail. From the top, a skilled backcountry rider can descend the 3.3-mile, black-diamond Lenawee Trail down into A-Basin’s Montezuma Bowl, ending at County Road 260/Peru Creek Road. From there, connect to additional trails and dirt road riding, if so desired.

Lenawee is steep; it’s technical and it requires a shuttle or a big loop with significant time spent pedaling on roads. Please review the elevation profile and map before attempting Lenawee for the first time. It’s worth it the adventure if you are prepared. (Please be prepared!)

We do not currently offer bike rentals, beginner trails, skills clinics, mountain bike programming or bike haul on our lifts. eMTBs (electric-assist mountain bikes) and motorized vehicles are NOT allowed on our trails. We are entirely on U.S. Forest Service land and that is a USFS restriction. 

Road Biking Near A-Basin

Arapahoe Basin is located on Loveland Pass, the finish for Stage 2 of the 2015 USA Pro Challenge. The category 1 climb up Loveland Pass is a must-do for visiting road cyclists, combining a winding 8-mile climb with an exhilarating downhill on the scenic Continental Divide.

Loveland Pass is open to vehicles throughout the year, including tanker trucks, so please use caution on this roadway. You can get to Loveland Pass from the Summit County bike path system and enjoy lunch on the deck of the 6th Alley Bar & Grill at the Basin on your way back home!

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