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The Beach

See you in fall 2021!

ALL commercial activity is prohibited by the U.S. Forest Service and Arapahoe Basin. You may not charge for anything at your spot or sell anything on The Beach.

You can't give samples away, either. Any promotional activity (including free giveaways) must have prior approval from us. Inquiries regarding promotional activity must be submitted at least 72 hours in advance of your event.

 Rules of The Beach 

  • No camping or overnight parking.
  • No glass, charcoal grills (gas grills OK), open fires, live bands, DJs, hot tubs or pet dragons. Dogs OK if leashed. 
  • No marijuana. It’s illegal on federal land. Which we are on.
  • Beach spots are non-refundable if cancelled within 14 days of your reservation. 

How to Check-in 

  • Let one of the staff people working the parking lot know the name on The Beach spot reservation and they will guide you to your spot. Or go into the Guest Services office. 
  • You get two passenger car spots. Beyond that, your guests need to park in the lots.
  • No charter buses or vehicles over 20 feet without prior permission from us.

Cool? Cool! Remember to read the whole list of dos and don’ts, and call us at 888.272.7246 if you have any other questions. See ya on The Beach!

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