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Arapahoe Basin Wallpapers


Enjoy our beautiful mountain from the comfort of your home.

Click to enlarge and download desktop and mobile versions of our latest wallpapers. 

Desktop Wallpaper 

"Steep Gullies Basking In The Golden Hour": Ian Zinner

"Zuma Bowl": Ian Zinner

"The Sun Sets on 2020": Ian Zinner

"Cat Naps": Tyler Magann

"Colorado Fall": Ian Zinner

"Pumpkin Spice Sunrise": Ian Zinner

"Morning Flowers": Ian Zinner​ ​

"Spacin' At The Basin": Tripp Fay

Lake Reveal": Dave Camara

"Pali Rides": Ian Zinner

"So Fresh & So Clean": Ian Zinner

Mobile Wallpapers

"Peekin' Through Winter": Ian Zinner

"Zuma Sunrise": Ian Zinner

"Riding Into 2021": Ian Zinner

"Spacin' At The Basin": Brandt Ryder

"Colorado Fall": Ian Zinner

"Pumpkin Spice Sunrise": Ian Zinner

"Recco To The Rescue": Dave Camara

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