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Winter 2020-21 Season Information

Page last updated: September 14, 2020
Winter 2020-21

This page contains the most current update from A-Basin COO Alan Henceroth, details about our winter 2020-21 operating plans, and answers to your frequently asked questions. The information here will be updated as much as possible. More complete details will be added as we get closer to opening day.

We are pleased to announce that Arapahoe Basin passholders will not be restricted during the 2020-21 winter season and will not have to make reservations. Click here for our passes. 

A-Basin plans to open for the 20-21 winter season as soon as Mother Nature allows. We are targeting mid-October, as usual, but that is dependent on multiple factors (including weather). 

Please know that this is an evolving situation and plans are subject to change pending future developments. Thank you for your patience! We can’t wait to have an awesome ski and ride season with you. 

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The latest from Alan Henceroth, COO

SEPTEMBER 14 -- Beginning November 9, reservations will be required at A-Basin for Ikon Pass holders. Reservations are not required before November 9. We encourage and want to see Ikon Pass folks this winter. This action is being done to manage COVID-19 conditions. We want to spread out visitation and to make sure that no single day sees too many people. Ikon Pass Friends and Family tickets will still be available although we have not yet finalized the fulfillment method.

Overall, there is plenty of room for Ikon Pass visitors. For most days, the reservation system will be a non-issue. We are concerned about those 20-30 mostly weekend days after the first of the year that are our busiest days of the season. We are really trying to migrate visits away from those days.

The Ikon Pass is a tremendous part of The Basin experience. We value all the Ikon Pass guests that visit and we want to get them on the hill. Some might think we are doing this to single out Ikon Pass holders in a negative way. That simply is not true. The Ikon Pass community is large and we just need to be careful that not too many people show up at the same time.

We are really focused on the safety of our guests and our employees in the COVID era. With just a little bit of planning, I think we can do that and keep everybody skiing and riding. I am looking forward to a great season. For complete details on the Ikon Pass reservation system,

SEPTEMBER 10 -- It has been a wild and crazy six months since the March 14 ski area closure. Frankly, I never imagined our economy would get shut down the way it did. Throughout that time, we never lost sight of taking care of our employees and guests and re-opening and delivering the skiing and riding that all of us love. While there are still details to be worked out, I am excited to announce the core of our operating plan for the 2020-21 Season.

Working closely with County, State and Federal officials, we have designed a plan to protect our guests and employees, provide excellent skiing and riding and reduce peak visitation days to allow for physical distancing.  Of course, all plans are subject to change pending future developments. Highlights of our plan include:

  • Reservations will not be required for Arapahoe Basin Season Pass and Any Day Pass holders. The number of passes sold will be limited.
  • Ikon and Mountain Collective Pass holders are welcome and are encouraged to ski and ride A-Basin. Access details are still to be determined. (EDIT: See above and below for Ikon details.)
  • Lift tickets will be available every day. Arapahoe Basin will require all lift tickets to be purchased in advance, online through our website. The number of tickets sold each day will be variable to reduce peak visitation periods.

The responsibility for skiing and riding safely through COVID times falls on all of us. We all need to wear our masks and maintain physical distances at the appropriate times and places. We may be making voluntary requests to have skiers and riders avoid peak visitation periods. If you can ski weekdays instead of weekends, please do so. If you can ski in the afternoon instead of the morning, please do so. We are all in this together.

Some of our services may look a little different, but skiing and riding will be the core of our winter experience. I look forward to seeing all of you with skis or snowboards on your feet!

Operational Information 

Here is what to expect this upcoming season. Additional details will be added closer to opening day. 


Arapahoe Basin Season Passes (full, midweek, senior, military), Any Day Passes and College Passes will not be restricted during the 2020-21 season. A-Basin pass sales will be limited. 

This includes 2019-20 Any Day Pass days that carried over (must be used by February 28, 2021), plus A-Basin days that are part of the Taos, Monarch and Silverton passes. 

A-Basin passholders will need to pick up their RFID pass in person at one of the ticket windows. We will let you know when they are available. 


Reservations for A-Basin will be required for anyone with a 2020-21 Ikon Pass product beginning November 9, 2020, (Ikon, Ikon Base, Ikon Base Plus and Ikon Session Passes). We anticipate that for most of our season, we will be able to accommodate everyone who wants to visit. Reservations can be made via Ikon's website or its app. Prior to November 9, you do not need a reservation to ski or ride A-Basin. Click here for additional information.


Access details are still being determined.  


Arapahoe Basin will sell lift tickets every day. They must be purchased online in advance through our website and will not be available onsite. Lift ticket sales will be limited to manage peak visitation periods. 


The 6th Alley Bar & Grill, Legends Café and Black Mountain Lodge will offer limited services. Although our restaurants may look and feel different this season, we will be serving the same great food and beverage we always have with limited seating. The actual bars will remain closed. 

You will not be able to eat your brown-bag lunch indoors. 


These will be available on a limited basis pending county and state regulations. Please see our Snowsports page for information on ski and snowboard lessons, beginning November 14, 2020. Advanced reservations will be required. 


Guests will be asked to self-group and load the chair with their traveling party. Lift attendants will not require guests to ride a chairlift with people they do not know. Parties not traveling together can load two at a time on quad chairs and one at a time on Lenawee and Pali. Please wear a face covering. 


Gathering and milling about in common areas will be discouraged to promote physical distancing. Please wear a face covering. 


The above-mentioned practices will substantially reduce peak visitation periods. As a last resort, parking may be limited to manage peak visitation periods. 

Tailgating and large group gatherings in the parking lots will not be allowed. Only parties that arrived at the ski area together can gather and group sizes must be 10 or less per county health regulations. A-Basin staff will monitor for physical distancing in the parking lots. 

For guest and employee health and safety, we will not be operating our shuttles or using our overflow parking lots. You will be able to walk to our lifts from your car. 

The Beach is closed for the 2020-21 winter season. As always, overnight camping in our parking lots is prohibited. 


Avoid Weekends When Possible. 
Given a choice between skiing and riding on a weekday and a weekend, we strongly encourage guests to ski weekdays. We hope some of our skiers and riders have some new-found flexibility and are able to transition more of their visits to weekdays.

Enjoy Afternoon Skiing. 
Skiers and riders planning to only ski 2-3 hours per day should consider visiting in the afternoon when crowds are usually lighter.

Avoid Historically Busy Days. 
On historically busy days, we may encourage skiers and riders to come at another time to facilitate physical distancing. 


The following guidelines are in alignment with current requirements from Summit County, the State of Colorado, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  Federal, state and local guidelines are subject to change.  Personal responsibility is key to a successful winter season. Please respect your fellow skiers and riders and follow the guidance of public health while enjoying Arapahoe Basin and our home of Summit County. 

  • Wear a face covering when you are in any of the buildings, in the base area and riding a lift. 
  • Adhere to physical distancing guidelines.
  • Stay home if you are sick or at high risk.
  • Leave immediately if you begin to show signs or symptoms of illness. 
  • Wash your hands.
  • Please note and follow on-site signage.
  • Tailgating and large group gatherings in the parking lots will not be allowed. Only parties that arrived at the ski area together can gather and group sizes must be 10 or less. 
  • Plan to boot up at your car and leave your stuff there. You will not be able to hang out, store things or eat a brown bag lunch inside. Buildings will have capacity restrictions and only be for dining customers and bathroom use.
  • Read more, here.


Can I go inside? Where do I leave my stuff? 

Expect to only be able to go inside to use the bathroom or purchase food. Buildings / indoor spaces will not be places to hang out this season and will have capacity restrictions per Summit County health guidelines. Plan to gear up / boot up at your car and leave all of your belongings there, and do not plan to store personal items in our facilities. 

Lockers will not be available. 

The kids play area on the second floor of the A-Frame will not be open. 

When will I have to wear a face covering?

A-Basin will follow all current Summit County health guidelines, including those related to face coverings. Face coverings must be worn inside buildings, in the base area and while riding lifts. 

What about uphill access?

We do not expect uphill access to change from the previous season. Uphill passes will be on sale closer to opening day. A-Basin season passholders (full, military, senior and midweek) still get a free uphill access pass. Complete details to come. 

Will the free Summit Stage Bus run to A-Basin?

As far as we know, yes. The Summit Stage usually begins trips to A-Basin in late November. Keep an eye on their website for dates and details. 

What's my best option for visiting for a few days from out of town?

If you're planning a vacation this season and want to visit A-Basin, your best option is to purchase an Any Day Pass for 3, 4 or 5 days of skiing and riding. A-Basin passes will not be subject to reservations this season.

What happens if there is no 2020-21 ski season?

We are offering all passholders our A-Basin Pass Promise. If a person purchases a pass product for the 2020-21 season and Arapahoe Basin does not open, that pass product for that Holder will be valid for the 2021-22 season. The Holder understands that the benefits associated with the 2020-21 pass product may not be valid for the 2021-22 pass product.  

The Pass Promise applies to each of these passes: full-season including renewals, midweek, military, senior, 2-5 day Any Day, College 5-pack, fall, spring, and shoulder-season. The A-Basin Pass Promise also applies if you have a Double Down Pass valid for the 2020-21 season.

Passes are still non-transferable between people. You may not give your pass to anyone else at any time. 

What if the 2020-21 ski season is shortened? 

Arapahoe Basin has a long season, typically October to June. That said, we never guarantee the length of our season. Historically, we have had years when our season opened later or closed early due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. We intend to operate for the full, 2020-21 winter season. However, because we do not and cannot guarantee the length of a season, we do not refund season passes.

What about refunds? 

Arapahoe Basin pass products are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE under ANY circumstances including, but not limited to, unplanned closures, snow conditions, weather, natural disasters, pandemics or other acts of God.

Unused 2019-20 Multi-Day Pass Days (including Elevation Passes and Any Day Passes valid for 1-5 days) 

Any day(s) that you have remaining on your previous-season (2019-20) multi-day A-Basin pass have been transferred to this season. Your pass will be valid opening day 2020 through February 28, 2021 with no blackout dates or restrictions.

Remaining Any Day or Elevation Pass days are restricted for use only by the person for which they were originally assigned and are non-transferrable. Refunds will not be granted for remaining days.

To redeem unused day(s) during the 2020-21 season, please visit our guest services office to pick up a new RFID card once we are open. If we open again this season, your existing pass card will work and we ask that you pay close attention to A-Basin communications for details on how to access the mountain. 

Unused 2019-20 Season Transferable 4-Pack Lift Tickets

All unused tickets purchased as part of a previous-season (2019-20) Transferable 4-Pack have been transferred to the 2020-21 ski season and are valid from opening day 2020 through February 28, 2021. Refunds will not be granted for these days. 

Additional information on how to redeem unused tickets next season will be shared around the time that we open for the 2020-21 season. Because we do not collect email addresses for these ticket purchases, please keep an eye on our website for details. 

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