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Our Goal: Carbon Neutral by 2025


Arapahoe Basin Ski Area is located in the beautiful White River National Forest. We are committed to being thoughtful stewards of this exceptional mountain environment so that current and future generations can continue to enjoy it in every season.

More than 20 years ago, A-Basin co-founded and adopted the National Ski Area Association’s (NSAA) Sustainable Slopes Environmental Charter. The charter pledged the ski industry and member ski areas to be leaders among providers of outdoor recreation in committing to environmental stewardship and improving environmental performance in all aspects of their operations.

In 2011, we joined with seven other ski areas and the NSAA to launch the Climate Challenge, a voluntary agreement that requires participants to track and publicly report their resource usage and emissions data, engage in climate change advocacy, and implement on-site emissions reductions projects each year. Now including more than 40 participants, Climate Challengers have reduced and offset greenhouse gas emissions at their ski areas by 247,852 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent over 9 seasons – just shy of 20% of their total emissions over that time. 

A-Basin is now a leader in ski-area sustainability, regularly winning awards since 2005. Our efforts are broad, company-wide, and intentionally built into both our culture and our business. ​By conserving and limiting our resource use, protecting our spectacular natural surroundings, and working hard to educate our guests and staff alike, A-Basin is finding ways to walk lighter on the planet – even in our ski and snowboard boots. 

We all have the power to save the powder!

Ski Area Sustainability Plan

In 2018, we took a significant step by developing a strategic sustainability plan meant to work alongside the ski area’s overall master development plan. This plan, and its six, aggressive sustainability goals, are having sweeping effects on the way the ski area operates and driving us toward our goal of being carbon neutral by 2025. Here’s how we will get there:

Sustainability Sunday video series

Get a snapshot of A-Basin's sustainability efforts and learn simple ways that you, too, can reduce your environmental impact by watching our award-winning video series. 


2022 Sustainability Report

Our new annual report takes a look at the progress made during 2021-2022 ski and ride season. Our goal is carbon neutrality by 2025.

New to The Basin last year was our first, full season of summertime operation and activities. More year-round action of course meant more impacts and resource usage here at the ski area. But it also translated to more opportunities to feature sustainability in these new activities. The hiking and biking trail construction utilized sustainable trail-building concepts, avoiding sensitive areas and wetlands. In the future, the trails will also incorporate Ace’s Wild Adventure-style interpretive signage and environmental education.

The via ferrata used stainless-steel washable and reusable bento-style lunch boxes and reusable water bottles for the drinks and snacks provided for full-day tours. The Steilhang Hut–a brand new winter food offering on the upper mountain that will also house via ferrata activities in the summertime, features numerous sustainable building features including composting toilets and an 8.5 kW roof-mounted solar array.

The new opportunities and ongoing efforts in place continued our march towards carbon neutrality:

  • We crossed the 50% renewable electricity threshold, sourcing more than 54% of our total electricity from renewable sources.
  • We diverted more than 50% of our waste from the landfill yet again.
  • Domestic water usage dropped for another year.
  • Our stewardship efforts while building our hiking and biking trails continued our leadership around wildlife and watershed conservation.

Review our progress in the report below.

2023 Sustainability Report 

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