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Mountain Biking

mountain biking
Mountain biker
Mountain Biking

Whether you’re in Colorado for mountain biking or road biking, Arapahoe Basin has something for you with terrain offering incredible views and even better rides. Earn your turns! We do not offer lift-service for bikes.




  • Distance: 3 miles. Connect to Wheels Up for a 5-mile descent.
  • Descent: 1,000 feet
  • Hiking: Not allowed
  • Biking: One-way (downhill)
  • Start point: Adjacent to the top terminal of The Beavers Lift (about 12,500'). When you get to the summit, turn right and go past the Snow Plume Refuge building to find the start of the trail.

Do you love the Lenawee Trail off the backside? You'll love The Beavers Loop. This new trail, built in partnership with IMBA Trail Solutions, is a bike-only, directional descent from our summit to mid-mountain and onto the base area when you connect with Wheels Up. Designed to offer high-alpine, backcountry-style riding, The Beavers loop trail is not a DH jump trail. It is also not lift-served and requires a steep climb to our summit on the Argentine North Fork, Up at Arapahoe and the Upper Summer Road.

  • Distance: 2 miles (one-way)
  • Descent: 700 feet
  • Hiking: Both directions
  • Biking: Uphill, only
  • Start point: The base area near the aerial adventure park and Molly Hogan Lift.

Argentine North Fork is A-Basin’s primary singletrack trail. It begins near Mountain Goat Plaza in the base area and ascends to Black Mountain Lodge at mid-mountain. Hikers and bikers will find wildflowers, scenic vistas, and crystal-clear streams. Mountain bikers can descend Wheels Up from mid-mountain for a 4-mile loop or continue climbing to the summit on Upper Summer Road to connect with The Beavers Loop Trail. Please do not descend ANFT.

  • Distance: 2 miles (one-way)
  • Descent: 669 feet
  • Difficulty: Moderate. Smooth trail mixed with required rock lines/rock gardens. Not suitable for beginners.
  • Hiking: Not allowed
  • Biking: Downhill, only
  • Start point: Mid-mountain, adjacent to the Black Mountain Express Lift top terminal.

Wheels Up is our featured downhill, bike-only flow trail descending from Black Mountain Lodge to the base area. Full of berms, rollers, and optional lines, this playground of a trail was built specifically for bikes. Wheels Up suits intermediate riders (all features can be rolled) and is extra-fun for advanced mountain bikers. Climb the Argentine North Fork Trail to access it.

  • Distance: 2.6 miles (one-way)
  • Descent: 1,676 feet
  • Difficulty: Moderate to difficult. Very steep in places with loose rocks. Very high elevation. Watch for vehicles.
  • Hiking: Both directions
  • Biking: Both directions

Summer Road is a steep, rocky service road running from top to bottom. The 1.3-mile Upper Summer Road begins at Black Mountain Lodge and takes you well above the treeline. It is currently the only way to access the summit at 12,456 feet. Enjoy stunning views of A-Basin, Loveland Pass, multiple 14’ers, and our resident mountain goat herd. We recommend using ANFT and Wheels Up on the lower half of the mountain. Please watch for vehicles!

  • Distance: 0.6 miles (one-way)
  • Descent: 669 feet
  • Difficulty: Difficult. Very steep.
  • Hiking: Both directions
  • Biking: Both directions

Pali Road is a very steep service road that takes hikers and mountain bikers from the Upper Summer Road (just above mid-mountain) to the top of Pallavicini Lift. From there, enjoy dramatic views of The Beavers and Pallavicini ski terrain.

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We do not offer bike rentals, beginner trails, mountain bike programming, or bike haul on our lifts. Bring your bike and earn your turns!

At this time, e-bikes are NOT allowed on our singletrack trails per U.S. Forest Service regulations. They are also not allowed on the Lenawee Trail. You may ride them on the summer road only. Watch for vehicles.