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Ski & Ride More Sustainably

We all have the power to save the powder.

About our Sustainability Program
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We can all walk lighter on the planet…even in our ski or snowboard boots! Becoming a more sustainable skier or snowboarder doesn’t have to mean giving up all that you love. Between carpooling and using public transportation, purchasing responsibly, and being a more thoughtful visitor, there are tons of things you can do to reduce your emissions.


Loveland Pass
Snow Huggers Club

The Snowhuggers Club is your chance to account for some of the environmental impacts associated with your ski season’s travel while supporting environmental action here in Colorado. By becoming a Snowhugger, you have the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions from your ski season’s travel through one of Terrapass’ US-based, verifiable CO2 offset projects. You will also directly fund environmental action here in Summit County – like our local wase reduction, energy efficiency, water conservation, community gardens and sustainable foods programs – through the High Country Conservation Center.

skier and snowboarder high five in parking lot

Before noon on Saturdays and Sundays during winter, the Early Riser parking lot is FREE for carpoolers and $20 for vehicles with fewer than 3 people. Need to find people? TreadShare is a Colorado-based carpooling app that links drivers and passengers so they can share rides and the cost of the drive.

summit stage
Summit Stage
No Summer Service

Summit County offers a FREE bus service among Breckenridge, Keystone, Frisco, Dillon, and Silverthorne. The Summit Stage "Swan Mountain Flyer" services A-Basin daily during peak ski season. Please note when the last bus leaves A-Basin! You can track the busses online or via mobile app.


Snowstang is a bus service run by the state of Colorado. Enjoy a comfortable ride with a bathroom, power outlets, and WiFi. A round trip ticket is just $25 with a scheduled arrival time at A-Basin of 8:30 AM. Starting December, Snowstang provides 40 days of service to A-Basin on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as the Martin Luther King Jr. and Presidents Day holidays. Passengers can board at Denver Union Station or the Denver Federal Center.

EV charging stations
EV Charging Stations
Open 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Located in the Early Riser Parking Lot.

We have Level II Chargepoint stations with space for 10 vehicles. These stations deliver 25-30 driving miles per hour of charging and are accessible on the Chargepoint network and app. Teslas are welcome, but must supply their own adapter. Electricity Usage Fee: $0.35/kWh. Overstay Fee: $5/hour after 4 hours. Total charges capped at $30. Weekend parking fee: Waived! A-Basin Passholders: Free charging when you sign up for the program via your A-Basin store account.

Free Charging for Passholders
BYO water bottle

Less than 30% of plastic drink bottles are recycled in the US, and most end up ‘downcycled’ or turned into an item of lower quality that is typically not recyclable. Avoid plastic bottles by bringing your own and utilizing one of the many bottle-filling stations in the ski area. Need one? Visit Arapahoe Sports for a new A-Basin branded water bottle.


Get your skis or board waxed at A-Basin

Microplastics, PFAs, and other toxins collect and concentrate in soils and waterways. Avoid some pollutants by getting your gear tuned here at the Base n’ Edge tune shop, where we use only Purl and MountainFlow Wax. Both Colorado companies, Purl and MountainFlow offer non-fluorinated, biodegradable, and plant-based options and are the only ski waxes we use here at The Basin.


Be a thoughtful visitor

Sustainable action in our community is more important than ever. Reusable bags at the grocery store, recycling guidelines in your condo or hotel, and using the Summit Stage are just a few ways to help during your visit. Plus, Summit County’s tap water is safe and super tasty, so you can skip the cases of bottled water.


Stand up and be counted

Make sure your voice is heard on issues of climate change, renewable energy, and more. Contact your elected officials and ask them to do more to keep winter cool for skiing and snowboarding. If they won’t, use your vote to support candidates and policies that will – even at the local level.


Be an advocate and Spread the Word

Become involved in grassroots environmental action. Find a cause that’s meaningful to you and support it with your time and enthusiasm! Tell your lift mates, family, and friends that YOU and A-Basin <3 the environment. We all have the power to save the powder!