The Discrete Cirque Series Trail Run

Sat, Aug 18

Time: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Location: Mountain Goat Plaza
Admission: $45

The Cirque Series is redefining what mountain running is all about.  Starting from the base of world-famous ski resorts, you’ll rally up windswept ridges and glacial cirques to towering peaks.  You will then power down a quad-burning descent and break the tape into a festival of live music, food, drink and a vendor village.  The elevation is serious but the mileage is manageable, and the race is as hardcore as you want it to be.  Beat the pros down to earn legend status and cash pries or enjoy the views and let the challenge be its own reward. 

Course Description 

The course begins at 10,780' ft, starting at the base of Arapahoe Basin and makes its way up the Argentine North Fork Trail to Black Mountain Lodge. At Black Mountain Lodge the racers will climb the summer road for a short distance and then climb up the ridge to the world famous Pallavicini Lift. From the top of the Pallavicini Lift they will continue their way up toward the Lenawee Mountain Lift. Just before the racers reach the summit they will veer to the right and run along the Zuma Cornice, which has some of the best views Summit County has to offer. They will run down to treeline and then turn around and run back along the Zuma Cornice. Once they are back at the top, they will run out toward the North Pole hiking gate which will take them to the top of Little Lenawee Peak. Once they summit Little Lenawee they will head back the same way and connect to the Humbug trail. At the bottom of Humbug they will reconnect with the summer road and run this until they hit Black Mountain Lodge. At the lodge they will head left down into Exhibition and follow an old trail through 13 Cornices and Lower International which will then connect to the Argentine North Fork Trail with a finish in the base area, where there will be live music and food for all.

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8:00 a.m.: Registration/Vendor Village Opens

10:00 a.m.: Race Starts 

1:00 p.m.: Awards 

1:30 p.m.: Live Music from Rapid Grass 

4:00 p.m.: Vendor Village Closes

Rapid Grass Logo

The celebration of mountains and whitewater rapids is the inspiration for everything Rapidgrass.  The Internationally acclaimed mountain music is influenced by an active, outdoor lifestyle. Brought together through music and love for mountains, they define modern, acoustic, Colorado mountain music. 

The lineup includes Mark Morris (guitar, vocals); Coleman Smith (violin, mandolin, vocals); Carl Minorkey (upright bass, tenor banjo, vocals); and Alex Johnstone (mandolin, fiddle, vocals). Adjunct player includes Billy Cardine (dobro, vocals, recording producer), Billy plays with Rapidgrass as often as he can as a special guest, but is not a full time member. This front range Colorado ensemble uses classical, gypsy, bluegrass, pop, swing, and other world rhythms to create what is, and can only be described of as, Rapidgrass. 

Please click HERE to listen to their music.