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Half-Day Group Lessons

Welcome to Arapahoe Basin Snowsports School! 

Start your or your family’s alpine skiing or snowboarding journey with an all-inclusive group lesson package on Arapahoe Basin's Molly Hogan Learning Hill. Focusing on the foundational basics via professional, personal instruction is a great way to set yourself or your kids up for success and maximum fun on the mountain.

A-Basin group lessons are for ages 3 and up and are perfect for anyone who has never been on skis or a snowboard, or has been out once or twice and wants more practice to be comfortable beyond the learning hill. This is a great option for a beginner or someone who is just getting started on mountain greens. 

Why learn at Arapahoe Basin? Molly Hogan is easy to access from the free parking lots; our atmosphere is always laid-back and welcoming; and the deck of the 6th Alley Bar & Grill is the perfect place to celebrate your success with a delicious lunch. If you learn to ski or ride here, you can ski or ride anywhere!

GROUP LESSON PRICE: $225 (am) or $199 (pm) for a 3-hour lesson that includes lift ticket and equipment (skis/board, boots, helmet)

START TIMES: 9 AM & 1 PM. Group lessons are 3 hours. 

SNOWSPORTS DATES: Daily, Nov. 18, 2023 - April 28, 2024 (conditions dependent) 



abasin learning hill

Looking for advanced clinics, guided mountain exploration, or want to be in a lesson with up to three of your friends or family members? Check out our half-day private lessons -- they can be tailored to suit your specific needs.  


  • No more than 8 people per group

  • Groups for first-, second-, and third-time and mountain green skiers and snowboarders are available for the entire lesson season (11/18 - 4/28)

  • $225 per person (AM) 

  • $199 per person (PM)

AGES 5-14

  • No more than 8 kids per group

  • Groups for first-, second-, third-time, and mountain green skiers and snowboarders are available for the entire lesson season (11/18 - 4/28) 

  • Groups for mountain green skiers and snowboarders have limited availability: Winter holidays (December 18 - December 31), Spring Break (March 11-31), and weekends in April

  • $225 per person (AM) 

  • $199 per person (PM)

AGES 3-4

  • No more than 4 kids per group

  • Limited availability: Winter holidays (December 18 - December 31), Martin Luther King Junior Day (January 12-15), Presidents Day (February 16-19), Spring Break (March 11-31), and weekends in April

  • $225 per person (AM) 

  • $199 per person (PM)

IMPORTANT EQUIPMENT INFO: Rentals are now included! You get skis/board, boots, and helmet. If you need clothing, we offer that for rent but you must reserve it separately. 

Gratuities are appreciated. 

IMPORTANT RESCHEDULE AND CANCELLATION POLICY INFORMATION – We can reschedule your lesson easily at any time by calling (970)513-5708 or emailing If you are unable to reschedule we will fully refund the cost of the lesson with a notice of at least 48 hours prior to the lesson start date and we will refund 50% of lesson cost with notice within 24-48 hours prior to lesson start date. Within 24 hours of lesson start date only a reschedule is possible.

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