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About Us

Meet The Legend

Our status as "The Legend" is as much about Arapahoe Basin’s incredible terrain as it is about our guests, staff, history, and care for our environment.

From the early days when our founders hand-built our challenging terrain using discarded mining equipment and leftover WWII machinery--to innovative terrain expansions that adopted some of Colorado's wildest, steepest runs--to the generations who have "kept the vibe alive" through family traditions and semi-sanctioned shenanigans... this has always been a place worth making an extra effort for.

Arapahoe Basin Colorado mountains

Front and center are the famous Steep Gullies. Once backcountry terrain, these expert-only couloirs are now maintained for your puckered enjoyment. To the right, The Beavers. To the left, the frontside runs. Rising above it all to 13,000 feet and kissed by the sun is our beloved East Wall hike-to terrain (also home to North America's highest via ferrata climbing route, operational in the summer months).

We are the home of skiers, snowboarders, and high-alpine adventure-seekers who appreciate a world-class mountain experience; unique, natural, challenging terrain; and a delicious meal--all in an unpretentious setting. 

We are a place where environmental stewardship is built into everything we do, and where we strive to be a valuable and positive member of our community. 

Our culture is deeply shaped by our history, our terrain, and our people. We invite you to come find out why the soul of skiing is still alive and well, why people say we have the nicest staff in the business and, of course, all of the reasons we are called The Legend. 

“’Ski Above All,’ the 70s tagline for the Basin, says it all. For hardcore skiers, steep and deep was what it was all about then, and pretty much still is. The Basin is one of those powder spots—no place else like it on the planet. Throughout the years with all the change, upgrades, improvements, or whatever you choose to call development, [A-Basin’s leaders] have done a phenomenal job of retaining the incredible energy and joie de vivre that are the essence of the Basin. The Basin is still the Basin—there is just more lift service now.” – Cathy Chaplin, former A-Basin employee

Our People

We believe Arapahoe Basin succeeds when our guests have a day worth repeating. We also believe A-Basin succeeds when our employees feel valued, have equitable access to opportunities for personal development, and feel a sense of daily accomplishment. We foster these goals through an atmosphere of fun, inclusion, open communication, and teamwork.

arapahoe basin ski area staff

Throughout the seemingly never-ending change and excitement, one constant remains: the guests and employees who choose to make Arapahoe Basin part of their lives. Together, all of these people have created one of the finest gems in skiing.

Our employee culture is the most valuable asset we have. The collective sum of the individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, inventiveness, innovation, self-expression, unique capabilities and talent that our employees invest in their work represents a significant part of not only our culture, but our reputation and company’s achievement, as well.

“I am honored to be part of such an extraordinary place. The grandeur of the mountain has only become more impressive to me. The magical atmosphere of its guests and its employees has created a culture and vibe like no other. With its rich, rich history, physical setting, and special community, I think the future of Arapahoe Basin has never looked brighter.” – Alan Henceroth, COO

Sustainability: Carbon Neutral by 2025

We believe Arapahoe Basin succeeds by implementing policies and initiatives that promote sustainability. Environmental sustainability is achieved by education, waste diversion, responsible purchasing choices, and reducing our natural resource consumption.

Arapahoe Basin Snow Plume Refuge solar panels

The world's highest ski-area solar project at 12,456 feet sits on top of our Snow Plume Refuge / ski patrol HQ building. In addition to being solar-powered, the building has no running water, composting toilets, and all reusable service items in the il Rifugio restaurant.  

It is past time to take seriously the impacts of climate change and their potential to devastate not only Colorado’s natural treasures, but the economies, communities, and jobs that rely on good stewardship of those treasures.

We work, play, and live in a beautiful place that is also a thriving ecosystem, and it is incumbent upon all of us to do our part to protect it—and protect the future of skiing and riding. Beginning in the late 1990s, we were at the forefront of ski-industry efforts to reduce our collective impacts on the environment. In 2018, we took a significant step by developing a strategic sustainability plan for the entire business.  

Thanks to that plan, which impacts all departments, we are working toward achieving ambitious science-based emissions targets and reducing our carbon footprint, all in an effort to be carbon neutral by 2025.



We believe Arapahoe Basin succeeds when our community succeeds. We support local, statewide, national, and world communities through partnerships, active participation, and financial and in-kind donations, including our support of organizations serving underrepresented communities

Arapahoe Basin SheJumps ski event

SheJumps ski patrol day at A-Basin in 2019. SheJumps increases the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities. Partnering with nature, SheJumps creates safe, educational outdoor experiences for girls and women that nurture growth and transformation.

Our home of Summit County, CO, is a significant focus for us. We put a heavy emphasis on local programs and organizations that provide services to residents, engage a diverse community in mountain recreation, and protect our natural environment.

A-Basin's Summit County partners include:

At the state and national level, we support the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, Colorado Blackpackers, the Colorado Carbon Fund, Colorado Open Lands, Colorado Rapid Avalanche Deployment, the National Forest Foundation, Protect Our Winters (POW),  SOS Outreach, and SheJumps (pictured).

The A-Basin Enduro

For more than 30 years, we have hosted The Enduro—an annual 10-hour ski and ride event on the Pallavicini Lift that raises money for a community member in need. Over the years, The Enduro has helped pay medical bills for longtime staff and A-Basin regulars, and has supported nonprofits doing important work in our community.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We believe Arapahoe Basin succeeds when our guests and employees are invited and welcomed for who they are, diversity is respected, and everyone experiences belonging. Inclusion is accomplished through cultivating an internal and external culture of openness, empathy, and a celebration of differences.

arapahoe basin ski area

Here are just a few of the steps we are taking:

  • INTERNAL CHANGE: In 2020, we changed several hiring practices to be more equitable and instituted employee diversity awareness and microaggression training. In 2021, we hired Annie Kao of Ascent Inclusion Consulting to provide assessments, coaching, and an action plan to improve A-Basin’s holistic DE&I efforts.

  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT: We have partnered with the Colorado Blackpackers, SOS Outreach, and our local public schools to lower barriers to entry for skiing, riding, and outdoor summer adventures. In partnership with the local LGBTQ+ community, we hosted our first Pride celebration in 2022.

  • ONGOING EFFORTS: We are actively working to improve how we talk about and portray activities at A-Basin; developing specific DEI trainings relevant to our industry and our guests’ experiences; collecting actionable data on how we can better welcome and include employees and guests; and exploring additional partnerships to support our community.


Our History

Arapahoe Basin 1950s skiers below the East Wall  

Arapahoe Basin came to life in 1946 as a scrappy, shoestring passion project literally hand-built and partially funded by our ski-obsessed founders. A-Basin was the first post-WWII ski area to open in Colorado and is the oldest ski area in Summit County. 

A-Basin has grown significantly over the decades, from a single rope tow to nine lifts. Through terrain expansions, different owners, dining upgrades, and program evolutions, every leader of A-Basin has very intentionally upheld our founders' original joie de vivre and love for these mountains; as well as the laid-back environment, welcoming community, and wild terrain that have defined us since the beginning. 


Work Here, Play Here


Arapahoe Basin offers big-mountain challenges and life-changing experiences for our employees and guests, alike. Whether you are here for a season or a lifetime, A-Basin is a place where dedicated and hard-working employees have a chance to shine!

We are not your typical big-box resort and that is what makes the vibe here so awesome. In 2021, we were named the best place to work in Summit County, Colorado with more than 20 employees. 


Arapahoe Basin via ferrata summer activities


A-Basin skis and rides like a big mountain, but the base area is a small, friendly place. We offer more than 1400 acres, nine lifts, seven distinct terrain areas, the longest ski and ride season in Colorado, and some of the highest terrain in North America. 

A-Basin is a pure skier’s and snowboarder’s mountain and welcomes anyone and everyone. Enjoy some of Colorado’s most adventurous in-bounds terrain, delicious food, uncrowded runs, free parking, easy access, and the friendliest staff in the business. 


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