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Parking Reservations

To preserve the A-Basin experience, we will implement parking reservations for the 2024/25 winter season.

2024/25 Winter Season New Parking System


To preserve the A-Basin experience, we will implement parking reservations for the 2024/25 winter season. At times, we see more cars in our lots and on Loveland Pass than we have the capacity for. On these days, we fill up our lots by midmorning, and folks have to turn around just because they can’t find parking. It’s also a challenge to our community to deal with a backlog on Loveland Pass. 

After limiting lift tickets, which successfully managed skiers and riders on our mountain, this is our next phase in preserving the experience. Parking has always been our pinch point for controlling busier days, so we are doing this to ensure we offer the quality you expect from A-Basin.

Reservations will be required between mid-December and early May before 1 p.m. on weekends and holidays, including April 1. A general parking reservation will be $20/car in all lots. Like our lift ticket process, these reservations must be made online in advance.

We are still working to identify the best third-party vendor to help us create a reservation plan, so we don’t have all the information yet. You may have questions and concerns about this change, so we’ve tried to answer as much as possible with the information we have today. 


We will update this page with information as soon as we receive the information.


What will reservations look like?

Here's what we know now for next season —

  • The reservation system will be effective from mid-December 2024 through early May 2025.
  • Reservations are only required on weekends and holidays.
  • A general parking reservation will cost $20/car in Early Riser, High Noon, Last Chance, and Upper Last Chance.
  • Parking will not require a reservation after 1 p.m. on weekends and holidays and will remain free during weekdays. 
  • We will offer a limited number of $150 parking passes, covering general parking costs all season.
  • Vehicles with four or more people are still required to have a reservation, but the reservation is free.
  • You will have to make your general parking reservation online in advance.


I don’t want to pay. Can I still get to A-Basin for free on weekends and holidays?

We love carpoolers—they save parking spaces and support our green initiatives. Vehicles with four or more people still require a reservation, but it is free. Try out the Treadshare app to connect you with nearby skiers and riders heading to A-Basin on the same days you are.

There are easy and convenient ways of getting to A-Basin without paying for parking on weekends and holidays—our fantastic local public transit! Summit County offers a FREE bus service between Breckenridge, Keystone, Frisco, Dillon, and Silverthorne. The Summit Stage "Swan Mountain Flyer" services A-Basin daily during peak ski season. You can track the buses online or via a mobile app. From Denver, kick up your feet and check out the Snowstang for an easy, quick ride.


How will this alleviate traffic congestion?

During weekends and holidays, at times, more vehicles arrive at A-Basin than we have the capacity for. That results in more traffic than is necessary, needless congestion, and guests being turned away upon arrival simply because there’s nowhere to park. If you’ve ever experienced this, you know why it needs to change. 

We are committed to improving our arrival experience and continuously focus on accessibility to A-Basin and care for our mountain community. Requiring parking reservations on weekends and holidays will reduce congestion by limiting the number of vehicles that drive up Loveland Pass. It will also reduce the number of cars that are inevitably turned away on these days when our parking fills up. Plus, our guests will be able to avoid waking up at 6:00 a.m. on their weekends and holidays to find a parking spot and experience an easier drive up in the morning at their own leisurely pace. 


Is this because of Alterra?

No. We are still owned by Dream (as of when this page was posted, 3/21/24), and we made this decision after much deliberation. This is the next step to improve our arrival experience.

As a ski area, we are constantly tinkering with our operation to make it the best possible experience and keep A-Basin a true skier’s and rider’s mountain. Ensuring everyone who wants to ski and has planned to ski can come and ski – not turn around because of a back-up or because they can’t get a parking spot. 


Does this change other parking lot rules?

No, everything else remains the same. Our lots open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. We do not allow camping or large vehicles such as RVs and trailers. You still cannot park along the highway. The Beach will remain the same; you may book it a bit differently next season. 


Please see our general parking page for more information. 


What we are still working on:

We do not have all the information on parking reservations yet and are still speaking with third-party parking apps to make the best decision for us and our guests and fine-tune the details. We wanted to make this announcement with pass sales to continue to remain as true and transparent as possible to our community. We will let you know as soon as we know; most of these details will be provided as soon as we decide on a third-party vendor.


What we are still looking into and what will be answered once we select a vendor:

  • How you will make a reservation – we want to ensure it is as seamless as possible before making a final decision. We will post step-by-step instructions as soon as we have them.
  • ADA parking
  • EV charging
  • What will happen if you show up without a reservation or miss a reservation
  • How we will confirm carpoolers
  • How this will affect uphill users outside of operating hours

And more. Please be patient; we’re working diligently to find the best solution for you and our operation. We hope to have more information and a decision on the third-party vendor by the end of the spring, with full information out by fall.