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Tickets must be purchased online in advance.


Tune Shop

Base 'n' Edge Tune Shop

OPEN! Please take your skis/board to the rental shop if you need a tune. 

Have your skis or board tuned with our state-of-the-art Montana Crystal One equipment! The Crystal One machine lets us tune faster and more efficiently than ever before. Conveniently located below the Arapahoe Basin Rental Shop, we can also mount bindings and repair bases.

Tune Shop Services

Tune Service
21-22 Prices 
Crystal One Quick Tune - skis only


Crystal One Full Tune - skis only

Snowboard Quick Tune

Snowboard Full Tune

Edge Tune and Belt Wax
Binding Mount and Release Test
Hot Wax Only
Belt Wax
Base Welds (price per inch)
Don't see what you need? Stop by and ask us!

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